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Rugs often have a higher place of value in a home than carpet does. They are beautiful accents which provide style and relief to an otherwise boring floor. Most rugs are richly woven and carefully made; some of the ones in your home may even be antiques. Rugs also cannot be cleaned with products and common vacuum cleaners like carpet can. To correctly clean your rug and keep it in shape you should consider hiring a professional rug cleaning company. Below are reasons why picking an expert to clean your fine rugs is a wise choice.

Different rugs react to different spills and stains, well, differently. Odor removers and cleaning products can contain chemicals that will be harmful to your rug. You may risk ruining it beyond repair if you attempt to clean it yourself. A professional cleaning company, like guys at, will first assess your rug to see what types of materials it is made from. Then they will take note of the odors and stains present and determine the best way to deal with them, effectively deciding how to clean the rug without damaging it further.

A professional cleaner can also appraise your rug, letting you decide whether or not it is worth the repairs. If the rug is worth a lot in mint condition then you may want to have it cleaned and repaired professionally. If it will not sell for much then you may want to replace it or try cleaning it yourself. Regardless, knowing the value of your rug beforehand is important when deciding how to maintain it.

Your average vacuum cleaner will work great on your carpet, but on a rug it could easily pull loose strands and fray the ends. This is because most rugs are made with finer and much more delicate fibers than carpet. Luckily a professional company has tools that are not widely available to the average individual. Having things like a compressed air canister, steam injector, and even a climate-controlled place for the rug to be hung out to dry are all benefits a rug cleaning company can provide to ensure proper cleaning and repair.

If your rug has tangles, frayed ends, or other imperfections than a professional rug company can also fix these. Rug cleaners are skilled at retouching imperfections and reweaving areas that have become damaged. They are also trained in rug types and styles of weaving, guaranteeing that your rug will end up looking just the same as when you bought it. Being able to efficiently repair and reweave a rug is something most individuals are ill equipped at.

As you can see hiring a professional rug cleaning service is the smart decision when it comes to rug repair and cleaning. Most people do not possess the skills or the tools needed for the job, so hiring someone else will be a huge benefit. This is especially true if the rug is an antique or just very expensive. You will end up with a rug that looks better and will last longer. If for any reason the cleaning company damages the rug further they will compensate you or replace it themselves.
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