Blackboard Basics for First-Time Users
The following brief videos cover the material presented in our instructor-led, webinar orientation sessions and are provided for those who cannot attend one of our scheduled sessions held prior to the term start or who need a refresher.
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This video is in Flash (.swf) format. This video shows students enrolled in face-to-face classes how to use Blackboard as part of their on-site course (approximately 12 minutes long).
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This video explains how to login to Blackboard through the MyOttawa portal.

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This feature introduces a completely new, modern user experience that consolidates critical information from all of your courses: Profile, Posts, Updates, My Grades, and People.  (1.5 min video)
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Always present in the top right corner, this is the entry point to My Blackboard and tells you how many items are new or need your attention. It also provides one-click access to your courses, settings, and Blackboard Help. (3.5 min video)

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The My Courses portlet in Blackboard lists the courses (both past and present) a student is enrolled in. Students can manage this list and remove old courses by following these easy steps.
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This video looks at the information found within the Course Info section of an Ottawa Online course (Getting Started, Instructor Info, Announcements, and Policies). The tutorial is .wmv (PC) format for Windows Media Player and is approximately 2 minutes in length.
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This video tutorial is .wmv (PC) format for Windows Media Player and is approximately 2 minutes in length.
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As of the Summer 2013 term, there is a new discussion board format in Blackboard. This video shares ome helpful hints for working in this new format.
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This brief video (.wmv format) illustrates how to create a new discussion post and provides an overview of the discussion forums.
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Learn how to reply to others in a discussion forum.
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In order to follow along or try what is shown in this video, please be sure you have your Discussion view set to List View (not Tree View).  This video tutorial will open in a new browser window or tab.

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Conversations in a discussion may appear in either ascending or descending order, depending on how you are viewing the discussion. Watch this video to learn how you can choose to view in either ascending or descending order.
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In this video, students learn how to locate their grade for an assignment, view instructor feedback (whether posted to Blackboard or provided within the assignment itself), and look up the assignment instructions and submission details.
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This video tutorial is .wmv (PC) format for Windows Media Player and is approximately 2 minutes in length.
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This brief, 2 minute video shows users how emails can be sent to classmates and instructors using the "Send Email" option in Blackboard.
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The Resource Room page provides students with resources for writing, APA style, technical assistance, utilizing Blackboard and much more! This tutorial provides a tour of the Resource Room and what's available.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App

Students and instructors can use iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and Android® devices on any carrier or network to access grades, assignments, discussions, and much more.

Users can find the app by searching for “Blackboard Mobile Learn” in the App Store or Google Play store. Assistance and an FAQ is available via the Blackboard Mobile Learn web site. You can also learn more by viewing product demos for Android, iPhone/iPod, and iPad.

If you need assistance, please contact OU Help 24 x 7: .

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Blackboard Training
(all documents below are in PDF format and open in a new window.)
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Inline Assignment Grading is an update to grading homework assignments from within Blackboard. For students this means a whole new way of viewing submitted assignments, grades, and feedback returned from instructors.
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The Content Editor appears wherever there is an option to type in text, such as the discussions, announcements, and assignment feedback.

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If you are using Windows 8 there is information you need in order to have a successful Blackboard experience.
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If you are going to take a test online via a course in Blackboard, this document is a must-read!
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Blackboard provides the ability to move between courses without going all the way out to the “My Courses” tab. For students and instructors enrolled in multiple courses, this is a fantastic time-saving feature.
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This article provides some insight (and resolution) to how our users can best copy content from Word to the Blackboard discussions boards without causing the discussions to "freeze up".
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Zoom is the screen share and video conferencing solution in use at Ottawa University. This participant user guide provides instructions for joining and participating in meetings.
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This document explains how students may view instructor feedback on Blackboard assignments, but is relevant to viewing instructor feedback for any graded item in Blackboard.