About Multicultural Student Association

Multicultural Student Association (MSA) is committed in learning and understanding culture, international relations, intellectual, study habits, learning methods, etc. This association is about working and learning how to be in a good team leadership. MSA is about understanding our students, ideas, knowledge, and even gaining social skills around us. Not only on campus but online as well. The reason MSA is important to our university is because we would like have better ideas and show appreciation on how to grow as a group and society. This association can play a major role in the future as we become leaders, managers, team workers, and even professionals in the workplace. Since we are all college students, we would like to make students at Ottawa University feel welcome. More diverse is needed to Ottawa as we continue to expand. Our goals are to bring each student into this association so that we can learn about how to study, how to help one another, and how to expand Ottawa University.

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