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Received Masters degree in education for teaching art K-12, Central Missouri State University (2008).  Has been teaching K-5 Art at Appleton City Elementary School for 6 years along with freelance art and decorative painting.
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Ebowsos first launched its business online in 2016, focusing on B2C cross-border export e-commerce, and is committed to bringing China's quality products, efficient supply chain, and first-class customer service to the world. Its online store,, has broadened its horizon as a global retail platform with a wide range of product lines, including fashion, computer accessories, consumer electronics, toy & game, flashlight, clothes, jewelry, and Our vision is to provide exceptional customer service on a global scale to help you optimize your business.

Ebowsos has been operating in China for 5 years and has accumulated extensive supply chain resources. Their products are sourced from a network of trusted suppliers in over 100 locations in China to ensure that only the highest quality products are provided.
We believe in providing not only hot gadgets and great gifts but also the best support and service. For over a decade, we have been providing you with the best value for money, and our careful selection of each item ensures that we offer you the best quality products at competitive prices.

all products are supplier reviewed, inspected on arrival, monitored for after-sales feedback, and tested according to strict quality control standards. ebowsos has also established partnerships with many professional international shipping companies to provide fast and convenient logistics to all countries/regions of the world.

At ebowsos, we love every passion and interest on earth, because it is a symbol of your uniqueness. And creating a perfect consumer experience for you is at the core of our vision.
No matter where you are, or who you are and what you are passionate about, ebowsos supports you in helping you express yourself because we know you need a variety of high-value products, so we provide you with highly specialized suppliers and manufacturers with whom we maintain close ties and review them daily to ensure they meet our rigorous selection process. So whatever you're looking for, we find a way to provide it to you. If not, then call us and let us know so that we can negotiate or generate the best deal for you in a shorter period. We are and will be here for you for life. Whatever you need, you can find it on ebowsos.

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Temporary Road Mat

What is a Temporary Ground Protection Mat / Temporary Road Mat?

There are three different types of mats on the market. One is made of wood, one is made of steel, and the other is made of polyethylene. The third generation mat is by far the best option for each type. It is extremely durable, it looks great, it won't rust, it won't decay, it won't rot, and it will not puncture an ordinary tire. I got an email recently from a reader of mine that said, "I think I'm making all this up." "Paul." When I took my car in for its annual inspection, I put one of your ground mats in my trunk so I could use it as a demo. I was told by the inspection officer that he was impressed with the mat.

Why Can Hdpe High Density Polyethyleneor UHMWPE road mats For Temporary Roads be Used Instead of Steel Plates?

The paving board has a lot of strength. It is one seventh of the weight of steel plate. The surface design of the mat has raised anti-skid pattern. The anti-skid pattern of the PE polyethylene composite ground protection mat is more than 10% greater than that of the conventional asphalt or concrete ground protection mat. The ground protection mat is made of PE. The ground protection mat is easy to maintain. The mat has good chemical resistance. The ground protection mat is made of PE. The ground protection mat is made of PE.

Compared With The temporary road tracks Introduction of The Performance Advantages of High Density Polyethylene Plastic Road Mat

Plastic temporary ground protection mats are more suited for construction sites. It's much better than steel to use them on muddy surfaces. The size of steel is made from plastic floor boards. They are much easier and cheaper to replace if they are damaged. Plastic does not cause pollution when it is deposited in a landfill. It breaks down into carbon dioxide and water without any harmful by-products. As steel rots, it gives off toxic fumes. Dirt, mud, snow, ice and sand are all abrasive substances that can damage and destroy flooring. But, dirt, mud, snow.

Select Suitable temporary access roadways - Kiridor Blog

Temporary ground floor mats are used to protect the road surface. The mats on the ground floor are temporary. For use as a carpet! The majority of carpet sales are motivated by the customer wanting to change the floor covering in his house from wood, tile or concrete. The customer doesn't know he is getting a carpet until the bill arrives. Wait! You shouldn't get angry at your salesperson. He didn't know you wanted a wood, tile or concrete floor. You said you wanted a carpet. He purchases a carpet for you. You can change your mind after a short period of time. You don't like the look of a carpet under your feet. The color. Or the idea. Or something. You call your salesperson and tell him that you want him.

Comparison of Steel Plate And Ultra-high Polymer Paving Slab

Solid material guarantee can be provided by traditional structural materials. But steel, cement, and other materials. Non-renewable resources are all produced. The pavement slabs have higher specific strength. It can sustain a heavier load than concrete or asphalt. They also have a longer service life. Less costly maintenance and less replacement costs are what this means. The pavement slabs are resistant to fire. They won't crack, spall or flake if exposed to intense heat. There are some basic types of pavement slabs. A - Aggregate pavement is the most common type of pavement. Aggregates such as stone, sand or granite are combined with a binder such as cement or asphalt to make parapets. This is the base-paved aggregate.

Application of pe Composite temporary road mats supplier

The ground protection mat is used in many industries. Under the wheels in sand, mud, marsh and snow, it can be used to increase the friction and replace the steel board. In deserts, beaches and other places where the road conditions are bad, it can also be used. There are many advantages to using a ground protection mat. 1 It is easy to clean. It was soft and comfortable for driving. There are three. It doesn't need to be replaced often. There are four. It's easy to install and remove. Can be used in many types of vehicles. It can be tailored to the client's requirements. Has good impact resistance.

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