Angel Tree 2022!

Angel Tree 2022

 Please deliver your WRAPPED Gift, with the actual TAG on the outside—or

write the TAG NUMBER and Family ID, Gender, Age on the outside.

Ks students, click here 10 gifts still need elves to delivered BY Friday, DECEMBER 12.              

 AZ students, click here.        NO MORE GIFTS NEEDED:>)

      WI students, click here.        NO MORE GIFTS NEEDED:>)

           We did it!  All families have been adopted.

Thank you to all who participated:>) 

So, where is the Chaplain? (John's Schedule)

In December, office and clubhouse hours for TAU and the Fredrikson Center will be a bit sporadic! Often Keith and Ashan will be running the TAU and Barrier Reduction programming while chaplain John travels and attends events (and all with be working with Trish on "12 Days" and Elves and Angels events.

The surest way to connect with them will be to email: or or

or reach out directly to



Please let Keith or Chaplain John know if you would like to attend...

2021-2022 Fredrikson Service Clubs, Workshops and Seminars, offered on Sunday Afternoons in the fall, until Winter Break:
October 4th....Women's Self Defense Club

Basic principles and techniques of self-defense, for a variety of situations and scenarios, (including techniques for parking-lot and in-vehicle defense.)

      Sign up at

October 4th start up...A.S.L. Club Intro to Sign Language

An introduction to sign language with opportunities to review and revisit best practices in basic communications, with a unique emphasis on faith terms and ‘street sign’.

    Sign up at

 Closed/will start back up in November....Basic First Aid (part of Disaster Assistance Club)
Immediate and temporary care for injuries and sudden illness. Covers poisoning, control of bleeding, and proper methods of transportation, splinting, and bandaging .
Additional Suggestions for  Up Coming Sunday Offerings...(let us know where your interest lies:)        

Certification      (Kansas only)

Completion of class with a passing grade of B or better entitles the student to an American Red Cross Certification in Adult, Child and Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Explorations of the Brain and Cognition  (via Zoom and online)

We will examine popular and scientific sources to learn about different models ofhow our personalities, our thinking, our talents, and our bodies may be defined by our brain functions. Information on brain and nerve cell function will guideour explorations. Questions on possible topics may include: Do we have multiple intelligences, How does aging affect the brain, Does the environment sculpt our synapses, and How does the brain recover after stroke or injury. Topics will vary depending on the interests of the group.

Into to Servant Leadership  (via Zoom and online)

Focuses on teamwork dynamics and skills for working with others; group behavior and communication skills are learned and practiced. Participants will study personalities, learning styles, diversity, efficacy and locus of control factors, ethics, and systems for achieving goals.

Triage…for Your Car   (Kansas only)

A do-it-yourself course for the non-automotively inclined (who want to work on their own cars.) Includes: oil change, lubrication, fluid checks, brakes, cooling system, electrical system, safety, and other quick services.

The Art of Fatherhood  (via Zoom and online)

Exploration and leanings targeted to help new fathers role-model, foster, nurture and lead their children’s development. A wide variety of parenting techniques and social responsibilities are explored.

Strategies of Chess    (via Zoom and online)

The art and strategy of the game of chess. The class with start with the ‘basics’ and progress based on learner aptitude.

Personal Finance  (via Zoom and online)

Explores the relationships between personal finance, workplace issues and personal choices. Presents skills to enter and advance in the workplace, promote healthy living patterns, and for personal planning. Basic technology skills are incorporated.