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Barrier Reduction Resources and Services

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Need help?  Use this link and your zip code to  Check for community resources available to you.

                           Link to OUKS Adawe Team           OUKS Student Affairs Team

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||| Monetary assistance is limited by funds available to spend each month.  A student committee helps to prioritize requests.

Please note: We are currently accepting internal financial applications for October 2023 funding. ||

Click here with questions, prayer requests or to get a assistance request form or email for a more immediate response from Chaplain John or his assistant, Keith Shrimpton

Additional information for Current Students, seeking assistance from the Chaplain's office:

  • Medical or prescription assistance (we will need a copy of your insurance to assist.)
  • Unlimited visits to the food pantry and clothing bank (all household members.)
  • Textbook and school supplies (for labs, choir, etc)
  • Rental Assistance (not to exceed $700 per household, per semester.)
  • Dental Care
  • Host family or Room Mate brokering
  • Car repairs, fuel assistance and vehicle insurance (not to exceed $500 per household, per semester.)
  • Emergency Assistance (TBD)
  • Work study or stipend placements to assist with cashflow (Students must find available time in their schedule for required hours or task . 

NOTE: Additional funding for students impacted by the COVID crisis, NOT related to the CARES Act, but raised through donations is now exhausted.  CARES reporting
                                    Braves Support App vrzn41320.docx (Current and past staff members)

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We are back in session and need you to team and engage in our chapel services or broadcasts.

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Old Testament Reading

 OT Reader

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 Best Mirror for God!





37:1-4, 12-28


Matthew 14:22-33

Keith Shrimpton

Be Thou My Vision


Reflectors for God





56:1, 6-8 

Lee Stadler


15: (10-20), 21-2 

Akiel Williams

Precious Lord


Are you Responsible?






Kal-El Agard

Matthew 16:13-20

Sarah Eberle

Blessed Assurance


 Well Rounded Witnesses




Psalm 114 1-8

Ks or Az student

Romans 14:5-12

Jan Lee

We are one in the Spirit


2022-2023 Directory of Fredrikson Clubs, Events and Opportunities.


 "We would love to have you join in the work and play!"  Student Leaders for this semester are still needed*.  Click on the links to find out more information or volunteer. 

 * Fredrikson Clubs (this are funded through grants and donations and require the interest from at least 3 students.  If a club is more than 3 years old, it may convert to a permeant club, under support and supervision of  the Student Activities Office.

Community of Prayer              Proctor (Lead Student) Needed   Facebook Page    Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     

History Club      (University Wide)        Club President , Blake Ermis      Proctor  Fredrikson GA   Sponsor:  John Holzhüter      Facebook Page     Webpage     

International&Exchange Connection (University Wide)        Club President Ashan Jordan     Sponsor  Wynndee Lee   Proctor:  John Holzhüter     Facebook Page

Paisano's Club (University Wide)    Club President Needed!     Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     Community Host:  Academy of TaiQi 

Theatre Club  KS) Club President, Jessa Greuter      Facebook Page    Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter   

Theatre Club  AZ)  Facebook Page

Campus Ministries   Club President, J.C. Swartz         Facebook Page                Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     

Educator's Cadre                      Fredrikson Ambassador Needed!  Webpage            Sponsor:  Amy Hogan       PE Coordinator:      NEEDED

Connect with Chaplain John    Request prayers or set up a meeting... 

Partnership Events

ABC Mission Summit               Fredrikson Ambassador Needed!       Facebook Page    Coordinator  Sponsor: Janet Peters, VP of Advancement           Host: ABC-USA 

Festival of Young Preachers   Facebook Page  Sponsor: John Holzhüter     Host: ABC-USA


Caregivers Network               Fredrikson Ambassador Needed!              Webpage              Sponsor:  John Holzhüter   Host: ECKAA 

HomeTeam (community-student connections) Proctor Needed(Lead Student)= Fredrikson GA

  Sponsors:  John Holzhüter  and Wynndee Lee   Lead  Host: The Winter Center 

HeavenlyHosts                                   Proctor (Lead Student)+Fredrikson GA

 Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     Host: The Winter Center   Sponsors:  John Holzhüter  and Wynndee Lee   Lead  Host: The Winter Center

Indigenous People's Cultural Club    Sponsor:  TBD             Rodgers  (This is now a student activity club!)

Justice Café   Facebook Page    Sponsor:  John Holzhüter    Host:Intercommunity Peace & JusticeCenter                     

Sunday Clubs      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter   

T.G.i.F. (Together, Grieving in Fellowship)   Webpage     Sponsor: JoAnne Gibson Lucas

Disaster Relief                        Fredrikson Ambassador Needed! Sponsor:  John Holzhüter        Website           Host: The Winter Center 

Elves and Angels                       Proctor (Lead Student) Needed    Facebook Page     Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter      Proctor 

Exemplars (RoleModels & Mentors)       Proctor (Lead Student) Needed    Sponsor: John Holzhüter     Proctor

Finishing School                       Proctor (Lead Student) Needed    Sponsor: Donald Anderson  Trainer: John Holzhüter    Proctor

Women's Self Defense OU Sponsor:  John Holzhüter   Community Sponsor Ottawa Academy of TQ

Opportunities for Non-Residential Learners, Alums and community members...

Theology, Action, and Understanding (TAU) Institute Cohesive, virtual activities via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), course management system (Blackboard), and a proctored chat room on OU web site. Blended (synchronous & asynchronous) discussions, projects tied to texts, virtual classroom combined with social media; applications through explicit reflections on service learning experiences; continued self-assessment through journaling; protégé-mentor relationships integrated with consortium content.

Elves & Angels; started as holiday 'community outreach' in Franklin Co. Ks; through donations and community events. We have expanded to areas across the US

Poetry of Prayer: Local facilitators launch ongoing workshop series for participants to read and create written prayers and devotionals. Reflection, discussion and writing.

Paisano's Club : A University wide organization-sponsored by staff and run by students-which educates, supports and embraces the many Latino cultures in the OU community.

Focusing on informing the general public about Latino culture, backgrounds, and traditions. As well as forming a supportive environment for the Latino community by providing the necessary help needed in day to day life as well as in professional settings.
• Informing other of the Latino perspective
• Provide supportive learning environment
• Getting familiar with Hispanic cultures, backgrounds, and
• Sharing an interest in Latino culture
• Promoting unity in the Latino community
o Reaching this goal through social, academic, and political
• Preparing individuals for real world situations
o Knowing your rights as a US citizen/non-US citizen
o Interview prep
o Resume
o Scholarships
o Job opportunities
o Networking
o Service Projects (preferably International)

Hope for the Holidays: Participants gather holiday foods, make pies (learning cooking, dietary needs), and bring meals, homemade cards, and devotionals to needy families, care-givers or nursing homes. Hands-on service learning, testing theologies through existential struggles and socio-religious dynamics.

Exemplars; Role Models of Faith: The Winter Center (TAU Partner) supervises local and centralized interviews and gathers background checks on community and church volunteers, who serve as mentors and role models, reflecting their faith in their actions. Exemplars encourage spiritual growth and discipline, mentor youth in their faith journeys, and coach them on vocational and avocational goals. Mentoring

Call for Community Prayer: To “broker prayer connection, virtual and tangible, in hard times, good times and just because,” local ministers and churches conduct half-hour mini-sessions during two community prayer events. Youth design and distribute prayer and intention cards and launch a Facebook page. Hands-on service learning, testing theologies through existential struggles and socio-religious dynamics.

Evangelism Lab: Training on web-based and video components helps youth recognize the wide opportunities and subtleties of evangelism. Session begins with a video series, to post online, with the theme “Strong Women, Strong Faith.” Participants identify and interview women (e.g., authors, pastors, students and community members) who embody their faith.  A Facebook page is also built. Workshop in technology applications.

OUT (OU Theatre) Club

Passport to Significance; Education, interaction & virtual connections inspired by contemporary struggles for Christian meaning & faith-in-action in the midst of social intolerance.

Multigenerational Teaming: Advisory members join the teams, assisting with aspects of the practicums. Team diversity spans age, gender and culture differences; youth and advisors mutually lead and participate on projects. Networked mentoring

You are Loved: In thisservice project, local cohorts work with agencies to plan, produce and distribute Easter baskets of goodies (e.g., cookies, candies, home-made cocoa mix, bath salts, handmade cards with scriptures). Options include battered women’s and homeless shelters, the frail and elderly and care-givers for the homebound. Service learning, hands-on activities, testing theologies through existential struggles and socio-religious dynamics.

Personal Board of Directors: Program goals are to tackle personal life-barriers, increase social awareness and expand cultural learnings.  Cohort members will work on goal calendars and develop life-plans and strategies to stay balanced in anticipation for integration to leadership roles in their home communities. Each will be assigned a personal board of directors (4 total members, quarterly or adhoc) for advice and counsel. Networked mentoring.

Interactive Bible on Twitter: Tweeting about Old Testament passages that conjoin all Abrahamic faiths; promotes digestion of scripture (compressing ideas into Twitter’s genre); deepens connections as scripture unfolds. Writing process, dialogue, testing theologies through existential struggles and socio-religious dynamics.

Witness: To explore social and spiritual contexts of Gospel preaching, youth create and preach 15-minute sermons, receiving feedback from peers, staff, pastors.  Participants may opt to attend nationwide Preaching Festivals the following fall. Writing, performance, revision.

Adventures in TAU: Held on the residential campus in Ottawa, KS, this week-long conference involves all TAU participants from all three regions; it includes:


  • Involvement in OU’s annual Adventures in Faith conference, which welcomes the community and gathers guest speakers, alumni, faculty, staff, and university students for a series of events.

  • Missional Training: This sleep-over at OU’s lake lodge includes worship ‘staging’ and activities. Hands-on learning (e.g., basic building and repair, first aid, camping skills) and testimony from missionaries, camp leaders; practicum format puts skills to immediate use.

  • Launch of Support #4: Certifications and Practicum: Participants will contribute to selecting training and certification offerings (e.g., First Aid) and prioritizing individuals/projects chosen. Context- driven decision-making (needs and resources analysis), role shift (protégés to program advisors).

  • Podcast Production: Participants interview one another on themes of “Vibrant Faith” and “What Would Jesus Do?” Development of interview skills and public personae.

  • Local day/evening trips: Places of worship, cultural heritage centers. Exposure to cultures.

  • (ELECTIVE) Soulful Noise. Participants set scripture, original songs and prayers to music, craft new hymn arrangements, perform, and record for public posting. Musical composition and performance.

  • (ELECTIVE) pLayworks: Theatrical Ministry. Participants explore script writing, lighting, dramaturgy, acting, video recording and broadcast. Writing and performance.

(ELECTIVE) Witness: Participants who plan to attend preaching festivals refine their witness work. Writing process, performance practice, exchange of ideas.

Student Activities and Student Senate Sponsored Clubs Amber Grant, M.Ed. | Director of Campus Experience  

Phone: 785-248-2401 


Archery Club is dedicated to the education and enjoyment of archery.

Be Brave was established to cultivate Agents of Change within the Ottawa University community. The purpose is to 1) Critically examine social issues impacting college students; 2) Develop resources to educate, empower, and assist members of the Ottawa Community; 3) Promote personal responsibility and ownership in situations where it is important to take action; 4) Advocate respect, kindness, and healthy interactions.

Biology Club increases interest in the field of biology through discussion of relevant topics and taking field trips to educate participants, at the same time raising awareness in the community.

Black Student Union unites OU students, increases awareness of Black culture, and supports Black students. The group plans activities to promote diversity, friendship, and understanding.

Champions of Character encourages the exercise of sportsmanship and integrity in OU athletics.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) plans activities to develop a well-rounded social, educational, and multi-cultural environment for OU students, faculty, and staff.

DECA helps members increase their leadership abilities through resources provided by DECA, Inc. The organization also provides a real world experience through competitive events, projects, and community service as well as connections to DECA Inc.’s wide range of partner corporations.

Diversity Activities Board facilitates a shared knowledge of diversity and cultural competency on the Ottawa Campus and in the Ottawa Community.

Hungry for Change encourages students, faculty, and the community to join the fight against domestic and global hunger through service and programming that highlight OU’s vision and goals.

Math Club provides a social outlet for intellectual members studying and/or relatively interested in mathematics.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a national organization for students interested in public relations and communications. Membership will help students from all fields enhance their education, broader their networks, and launch their careers.

Student Senate represents the students’ voice to the faculty and administration. The membership of the Senate is comprised of a total of 12 senators and a four member executive team. The Student Body Vice-President presides over the Senate. The Student Body President serves as the liaison among faculty, administrators, and students.

The Student Senate meets regularly to discuss and take action on issues facing OU students. Student Senators work in a committee format to serve the interest of all OU students.

Student Welcoming and Affirming Network (SWAAN) works to enhance the cultural and social climate at Ottawa University and to improve and enrich the lives of those who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ), and straight allies of the community by organizing successful educational, social, outreach, advocacy, and cultural programs and serving as an effective supportive environment for these programs and the organization’s targeted populations.

The Whole Earth Club provides opportunities for cross-cultural experiences on campus and at the same time to promote closer relationships between all students. The club is open to any student, faculty, or staff member of Ottawa University.

Volunteer Services: Many individuals and organizations benefit from OU students who give of their time. The OU campus encourages students to apply their faith through involvement in service opportunities; thus, they are found working with Boy and Girl Scout troops, Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations, social agencies, nursing homes, churches, etc.

Programming and Contact Information

OU Faith Programming and Contacts


   Church Relations                 Center for Faith and Church Vitality      Fredrikson Programming         University Chaplain

   (785) 248-2334                           (785) 248-2575                        (785) 248-2397                   (785) 248-2578

AB Regional Connections          Theology Action Understanding              Campus Ministries                  Pastors Cohorts

            ABC-USA                                 AiF/Faith Ambassadors                         Chapel Worship         Congregational/Pastor Support

   AB Home Missions                    Palmer Grant Programming                         Game Prayers             Pastor’s & Laity Conference

Pulpit Supply/Job Postings            Thiel Grant Programming                               F.C.A.                           Bemmels’ Broadcasts

Mission/Camp Teams                                OUTheater                                            Braving                                Host Families

     Alumni Relations                                 Fredrikson Clubs                                       Escape                      Barrier Reduction Services


Urgent messages for Chaplain John, during his travels, can be left with the

Assistant for University Advancement   (Susan @ 248-2331)


Chapel Scheduling should be routed to the

University Facilities Scheduling Manager  (Sydnee @ 248-2312)


Fundraising activities, related to faith, should be cleared with the

Annual Giving & Social Media Manager  (Garrett @ 248-2335)


Video broadcasts...Thank you :>)

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