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2024 Lenten Devotionals...thanks to all who contributed!      (downloadable booklet).



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Links to national work, play and prayer partners...

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries | Official Campus Ministry of the Assemblies of God 

What is FCA  Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Winter Center for Restorative Justice at

Barrier Reduction Resources and Services

Need help?  Use this link and your zip code to  Check for community resources available to you.           

Click here to donate, payback or ‘fund something forward’ 


Monetary assistance is limited by funds available each month.  When funding is tight, a student committee is convened, to prioritize requests. Please note:

Students at OUKS We're currently accepting funding applications for March 2024 funding.  The food and clothing banks are open.

Students at OUAZ We're currently accepting financial applications for April 2024 funding. Contact student services with food needs.

   Link to OUKS Adawe Team           OUKS Student Affairs Team

                        Link to OUAZ Adawe Team        OUAZ Student Affairs Team

Click here with questions, prayer requests or to get a assistance request form or email for a more immediate response from Chaplain John or his assistant, Keith Shrimpton


Additional information for Current Students, seeking assistance from the Chaplain's office:

  • Medical or prescription assistance (we will need a copy of your insurance to assist.)
  • Unlimited visits to the food pantry and clothing bank (all household members.)
  • Textbook and school supplies (for labs, choir, etc)
  • Rental Assistance (not to exceed $700 per household, per semester.)
  • Dental Care
  • Host family or Room Mate brokering
  • Car repairs, fuel assistance and vehicle insurance (not to exceed $500 per household, per semester.)
  • Emergency Assistance (TBD)
  • Work study or stipend placements to assist with cashflow (Students must find available time in their schedule for required hours or task . 

NOTE: Additional funding for students impacted by the COVID crisis, NOT related to the CARES Act, but raised through donations is now exhausted.  CARES reporting
                                    Braves Support App vrzn41320.docx (Current and past staff members)

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We are back in session and need you to team and engage in our chapel services or broadcasts.

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Old Testament Reading

 OT Reader

Gospel reading

NT Reader

Featured Song          


Irresistibly Called!




Psalm 18:25-29

Kadeem Morris

John 20:19-23 


Rivkah Oberg 

Down to the River to Pray

Water, Blood, Spirit




Psalm 118:21-24

Ashan Jordan 

Lee Stadler

1 John 5:7-12 


Garrett Brown 






Psalm 119:28-32

Brian Patterson 

Luke 24:35-48 

Sarah Eberle






Psalm 130:1-6

JB Ermis

1 John 3:18-24 

 Ks Alum 


Wonderous Gifts.



 Final of Semester  5/02 




 John 14:21-26   Ks Alum   Song

2022-2023 Directory of Fredrikson Clubs, Events and Opportunities.


 "We would love to have you join in the work and play!"  Student Leaders for this semester are still needed*.  Click on the links to find out more information or volunteer. 

 * Fredrikson Clubs (this are funded through grants and donations and require the interest from at least 3 students.  If a club is more than 3 years old, it may convert to a permeant club, under support and supervision of  the Student Activities Office.

Community of Prayer              Proctor (Lead Student) Needed   Facebook Page    Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     

History Club      (University Wide)        Club President , Blake Ermis      Proctor  Fredrikson GA   Sponsor:  John Holzhüter      Facebook Page     Webpage     

International&Exchange Connection (University Wide)        Club President Ashan Jordan     Sponsor  Wynndee Lee   Proctor:  John Holzhüter     Facebook Page

Paisano's Club (University Wide)    Club President Needed!     Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     Community Host:  Academy of TaiQi 

Theatre Club  KS) Club President, Jessa Greuter      Facebook Page    Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter   

Theatre Club  AZ)  Facebook Page

Campus Ministries   Club President, J.C. Swartz         Facebook Page                Webpage      Sponsor:  John Holzhüter     

Educator's Cadre                      Fredrikson Ambassador Needed!  Webpage            Sponsor:  Amy Hogan       PE Coordinator:      NEEDED

Connect with Chaplain John    Request prayers or set up a meeting... 

Partnership Events

ABC Mission Summit               Fredrikson Ambassador Needed!       Facebook

Programming and Contact Information

OU Faith Programming and Contacts


   Church Relations                 Center for Faith and Church Vitality      Fredrikson Programming         University Chaplain

   (785) 248-2334                           (785) 248-2575                        (785) 248-2397                   (785) 248-2578

AB Regional Connections          Theology Action Understanding              Campus Ministries                  Pastors Cohorts

            ABC-USA                                 AiF/Faith Ambassadors                         Chapel Worship         Congregational/Pastor Support

   AB Home Missions                    Palmer Grant Programming                         Game Prayers             Pastor’s & Laity Conference

Pulpit Supply/Job Postings            Thiel Grant Programming                               F.C.A.                           Bemmels’ Broadcasts

Mission/Camp Teams                                OUTheater                                            Braving                                Host Families

     Alumni Relations                                 Fredrikson Clubs                                       Escape                      Barrier Reduction Services


Urgent messages for Chaplain John, during his travels, can be left with the

Assistant for University Advancement   (Susan @ 248-2331)


Chapel Scheduling should be routed to the

University Facilities Scheduling Manager  (Sydnee @ 248-2312)


Fundraising activities, related to faith, should be cleared with the

Annual Giving & Social Media Manager  (Garrett @ 248-2335)


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