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Fredrikson Center for Faith and Church Vitality

Consulting Services...

Services Scope:

Our team has extensive experience in working with:

Arts and Culture Programming

Capital Campaign Planning and Execution

Church and Faith-Based Organizations

Civic and Social Service Organizations

Educational Institutions

Grant Makers (Private and Public Foundations)

Housing organizations (Community, Civic and/or governmentally sponsored)

Healthcare and Human Services Agencies

Joint Venture Partnerships (Profit/Non-Profit and Governmental/Non-Profit Partnerships)


Our time and resources are limited and donations to OU's faith based programming is greatly appreciated. For a consulting proposal, tailored to the needs of your organization, please indicate total number of assistance hours requested, choose your preferred options from the following service option menus and email :


Services Menu:

Client Agency can utilize their monthly hour-allotment in the following areas:


Stage One:

q     Agency/Church and programming readiness and impact assessments

q  Agency/Church Budget Review

q     Board Governance and Readiness Assessment

q     Project Marketing/Feasibility Studies

q     Succession and Transition Planning Review

q     Staffing/Volunteer Assessment

q     Surveying/Analysis (360°, Constituent, Client, Congregant, Donor)

q     Seminars/Workshops (Board, Staff, Congregation, Plenary or Capital Campaign Leadership)

q     Planned Giving and Endowment Strategies Review/Proposals

q     Campaign Marketing Recommendations

q     Programming Protection/Funding Diversity Planning Services

q     Site Visits/On-Site Facilitations.


Stage Two:

q Whole-Agency policy review and Re-Visioning recommendations

q Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions

q Policy and Procedure Review and Drafting

q Development of Campaign Master-Plan/Timeline

q Training Services (Board, Staff, Congregation, Plenary or Capital Campaign Leadership)

q Partnership brokering and Covenanting (LoI, MoA, MoU)

q Campaign Budget Review and Capital Plan Finalization (Sources and Uses)

q    Development of ‘Donor Pyramid’ Strategy

q Donor Recognition Planning

q    Case-for-Support Recommendation/Creation

q    Off-Site Facilitated Retreats (Staff, Board, Committee or Capital Campaign Teams)

q Site Visit/On-Site Meeting(s)

q Presence at Campaign, Board or Church Leadership planning sessions.


Stage Three:

q Campaign Tracking Systems Determinations (industry and No-additional-cost alternatives.)

q Media-Material Creation (Videos, PowerPoint Design and other formats)

q Press-Release and Traditional Media Support Services

q    Internal Communications-Management

q    Digital/Virtual Media Programming

q    Generation of Corporate and Foundation Leads

q    Grant Writing and Compliance Systems Development (capital and programming)

q    Agency Transition Protocols

q Ongoing Mentoring, Coaching and Marketing Services

q    New Leadership Transition Session

q    Site Visit/On-Site Meeting(s)

q Change-Management Programming

q    Project Management Services

q Presence at Campaign and/or Board Reporting Sessions

q Student Volunteer Team/Student Intern Involvement.

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