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  John Holzhüter ClinPsyD, DDiv

Managing Director
Fredrikson Center for Faith and Church Vitality

        Rev. Dr.  .  Roger Fredrikson

Susan Trendel

Assistant for University Advancement


Paul Bean                 

Vice President, University Advancement                                    





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Pastoral Training Sessions; Cohort I
Interpersonal Versatility (.pptx, 1747K)
Servant Leadership (.pptx, 289K)
Spiritual Preference Modalities (.pptx, 207K)
B.A.C. (.pptx, 316K)
Blanchard info... (.pptx, 219K)
Performance Contracting (.pptx, 210K)
Picking Winners (.pptx, 247K)
Pendulum, Edition 9 (.docx, 696K)

The latest installment from brother Adam:)

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ABCUSA is partnering with the Academy of Preachers, a national, ecumenical initiative energized by the conviction that gospel preaching is a vocation of public and social significance, a calling worthy of the very best and brightest of our young people.               Like this on FaceBook

Register for Mission Summit 2015! 

For the first time, American Baptists will be hosting a Festival of Young Preachers at our Biennial Summit in Overland Park.  Affiliated with the national, ecumenical Academy of Preachers, the Festival brings together young persons called to be preachers of the Gospel.  The purpose is to identify and support young people while cultivating within them the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of great social and spiritual significance, worthy of their very best.

Preaching theme: “Tell Me A Story”

Not a competition, this is a celebration, an inspiration, and an occasion for mutual edification and encouragement.  Young preachers, ages 14-28, are invited to preach a 15 minute sermon at the Festival as they would in their home environment.  They receive constructive feedback from renowned preachers, learn from their peers, make lasting friendships, and demonstrate the power and movement of God's spirit among us.  They also have an opportunity to experience the fun and vitality of an American Baptist Biennial Summit.

Nominate a young preacher from your church to participate.

A planning team in Kansas City is working to recruit young preachers from across the denomination and provide scholarships for their expenses.  American Baptist Churches can be involved by

  • nominating a young person to preach at the Festival of Young Preachers at the Biennial Summit
  • sponsoring and mentoring a young preacher
  • accompanying a young preacher to the Biennial Summit Festival of Young Preachers
  • providing financial support for a young preacher
  • coming to the Biennial Summit and listening to a young preacher 


For more information contact:

Heather Entrekin –   or John Holzhüter –

 To learn more about the work of the Academy of Preachers, visit....

Budget for the upcoming event.

We are in need of time, talent and treasure as we work to stage the Festival of Young Preachers events.  

For those with 'treasure', the overall budget is $22,510.00 and broken out below; all monetary donations are tax deductible.


Cost Per Piece

# of Pieces


Printed Program




Printing (Posters, Name Tags, Mailings)




Mis. Material Costs/Decorations (Banquet)




Total Material Costs





Cost per Person

# of People


Drinks, snacks




Sunday snacks




Total Meal Cost




Scholarships for Young Preachers

Scholarship Amnt.

# given


National Festival Scholarships




Total Scholarships




Gifts for Young Preachers

Cost per gift

# of preachers










Total Gifts




Evaluators & Plenary Preachers


# Given


Evaluator Stipend




Plenary Preacher Stipend




Total Stipend Budget




Photography and Videography

Cost per Day

# of days






Total Photography and Videography





Cost per room

# of Rooms

# of Nights

Overnight Lodging keynote speaker




Total Lodging




Other Misc. Costs


How many?


AoP Marketing & Management Fee




Seed money, 2017 Biennial Festival




Seed money, Midwest AoP Chapter




Meals, travel - keynote speaker




Total Misc. Costs




Total Event Estimate



Partners and Benefactors

Deepest thanks to all who are helping make this experience possible:

Call for Pastor Development Participants...

We have begun the selection process of 10 participants for the next cohort (September 2014 start) !  

Ottawa University's  Pastor Development programming concentrates on the training, development and resource needs of current pastors.


A pastor’s participation in the programming is no cost to individuals or their churches; including meals, materials (and lodging, if requested.)


This initial phase is a 10 to 12 month program of leadership skills, business education, faith-based psychology and individualized mentoring for current pastors. It will consist of two-day (on campus) training sessions each quarter and church-site mentoring and self-discovery activities in the intervening months.


Conceived by University President, Dr. Kevin Eichner in 2011, this program has the express mission; “To strengthen the skills, knowledge, spiritual formation, personal behavior patterns and relationships which will enable pastors to be more effective and more fulfilled in their ministry for Christ’s purposes”. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Eichner and with active consultation from Rev. Dr Fredrikson, the Center will be accepting applications through July for our next ‘Pastoral Development’ cohort (session start will be September 2013.)


On-site consultation and interaction at the pastor’s home-church can include congregational training opportunities and/or work with local church leaders.


Please use the form above to let us know of your interest, or if we can answer any questions.




2013-2014 Pastor's Cohort Members


 President Eichner and the team at
the Fredrikson Center for Faith
 and Church Vitality extend their thanks
and congratulations to the 2014
Pastoral Development Cohort
Pastor Jurdan Counts
Broken Bow, Ne

Pastor Jim Kiker

Wamego, Ks
Asst. Pastor Caleb Lind
Stilwell, Ks

Pastor Nate Marsh

First Baptist Church Minneapolis, KS and Antioch Baptist Church Ada, KS
Pastor Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence
Olathe, Ks
Pastor Eugene E. Simmons III 
Indianapolis, In
Pastor Michael Strickland
Atchison, Ks

Pastor Jessica C Williams
Overland Park, Ks 

Summer programming announced soon!!!

How can we help you help others?!

Fredrikson Center for Faith and Church Vitality

Consulting Services...

Services Scope:

Our team has extensive experience in working with:

Arts and Culture Programming

Capital Campaign Planning and Execution

Church and Faith-Based Organizations

Civic and Social Service Organizations

Educational Institutions

Grant Makers (Private and Public Foundations)

Housing organizations (Community, Civic and/or governmentally sponsored)

Healthcare and Human Services Agencies

Joint Venture Partnerships (Profit/Non-Profit and Governmental/Non-Profit Partnerships)


Our time and resources are limited and donations to OU's faith based programming is greatly appreciated. For a consulting proposal, tailored to the needs of your organization, please indicate total number of assistance hours requested, choose your preferred options from the following service option menus and email :


Services Menu:

Client Agency can utilize their monthly hour-allotment in the following areas:


Stage One:

q     Agency/Church and programming readiness and impact assessments

q  Agency/Church Budget Review

q     Board Governance and Readiness Assessment

q     Project Marketing/Feasibility Studies

q     Succession and Transition Planning Review

q     Staffing/Volunteer Assessment

q     Surveying/Analysis (360°, Constituent, Client, Congregant, Donor)

q     Seminars/Workshops (Board, Staff, Congregation, Plenary or Capital Campaign Leadership)

q     Planned Giving and Endowment Strategies Review/Proposals

q     Campaign Marketing Recommendations

q     Programming Protection/Funding Diversity Planning Services

q     Site Visits/On-Site Facilitations.


Stage Two:

q Whole-Agency policy review and Re-Visioning recommendations

q Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions

q Policy and Procedure Review and Drafting

q Development of Campaign Master-Plan/Timeline

q Training Services (Board, Staff, Congregation, Plenary or Capital Campaign Leadership)

q Partnership brokering and Covenanting (LoI, MoA, MoU)

q Campaign Budget Review and Capital Plan Finalization (Sources and Uses)

q    Development of ‘Donor Pyramid’ Strategy

q Donor Recognition Planning

q    Case-for-Support Recommendation/Creation

q    Off-Site Facilitated Retreats (Staff, Board, Committee or Capital Campaign Teams)

q Site Visit/On-Site Meeting(s)

q Presence at Campaign, Board or Church Leadership planning sessions.


Stage Three:

q Campaign Tracking Systems Determinations (industry and No-additional-cost alternatives.)

q Media-Material Creation (Videos, PowerPoint Design and other formats)

q Press-Release and Traditional Media Support Services

q    Internal Communications-Management

q    Digital/Virtual Media Programming

q    Generation of Corporate and Foundation Leads

q    Grant Writing and Compliance Systems Development (capital and programming)

q    Agency Transition Protocols

q Ongoing Mentoring, Coaching and Marketing Services

q    New Leadership Transition Session

q    Site Visit/On-Site Meeting(s)

q Change-Management Programming

q    Project Management Services

q Presence at Campaign and/or Board Reporting Sessions

q Student Volunteer Team/Student Intern Involvement.

The Motivation for our Pastoral Training Programming...

Pastors are responsible for the overall effectiveness of every ministry. They may be called and empowered by God, but are constantly challenged by pressures inside and outside their churches. In national surveys and in interviews, Pastors report that they feel well trained in theology, but often feel inadequate as leaders. They are constantly are faced with the problems of dealing with negative organizational behavior and ‘challenging’ people within the church. This need is even more of a priority in the modern ministry because a pastor has less direct authority over the church and must deal with every kind of personality, as well a variety of different and potentially difficult church members who maybe frayed as they experience difficult personal times. The statistics show that successful leadership comes from a pastor’s understanding of how to involve their ‘flock’, the exercise of high levels of emotional intelligence and motivational skills, and having the personal leadership confidence to withstand negative pressures that can lead to loss of confidence, personal de-motivation and feelings of burn-out.

There is also a necessary business-like aspect to overseeing a church. While this side of church leadership has a comfortable basis in Jesus’ teachings about money matters, many church leaders feel squeamish in dealing directly with the ‘business aspects’. Clearly, all churches have assets to manage, employees to pay, and members who rightfully demand accountability for their financial contributions. However, many lack clear, long-term planning mechanisms, protocols and measurements.  The creation and/or clarification of core values, mission statements, concretized vision, and quantifiable goals and objectives ensure the church can build synergy, provide clear focus and unify its members in cohesive purpose. With strategic planning, decision-making becomes easier, ‘giving’ increases and there is a sense of ownership that instills the congregation with both pride and excitement. 



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For reflection and reference:

Ezekiel 33:10-11

(10) "Therefore you, O son of man, say to the house of Israel: "Thus you say, "If our transgressions and our sins lie upon us, and we pine away in them, how can we then live?"" (11) Say to them: "As I live," says the Lord GOD, "I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways! For why should you die, O house of Israel?"

The Old Testament was written without punctuation of any kind, and in fact, punctuation was not added until about 1,200 years after Ezekiel wrote this. As God's answer to the question of verse 10, verse 11 would read better if a period followed the words "Lord GOD." He replies that we should live as He would live if He were a man - sinlessly. When Jesus came as a man, He did exactly that.

Jesus declares in John 17:3, "And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." A key to understanding Jesus' intent is to grasp His use of the word "eternal." We normally think of it as an endless length of time. However, William Barclay's commentary on this verse contains a simple and meaningful difference of opinion with that concept. Barclay contends that Jesus is speaking of something very good, one to be much desired. Living forever is not necessarily good unless the quality of life is also good. Therefore, "eternal" describes the quality of life God lives endlessly. Knowing God and being able to follow His example are vital to our living as He does. Jesus implies that, if one truly knows God, he will also live that way as an effect of his intimate relationship with God.

Yet, truly coming to know God creates one of the more difficult and continuous problems for church members. In fact, one commentator called it the church's biggest problem, and Romans 11:33 seems to confirm this. "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!" Paul says plainly that the full depth of God's wisdom and knowledge are unsearchable and past finding out. We can indeed find out a great deal if we are devoted to seeking Him, an endeavor that requires thorough searching, evaluating, and adjusting of our conceptions. Certainly difficult, but not impossible!

Nevertheless, we must still seek Him, since this verse suggests that we can indeed learn much. It helps that God desires us to know Him, so He is willing to reveal Himself further.

— John W. Ritenbaugh

To read more from this author, see:
Seeking God (Part One): Our Biggest Problem


Lectures and Seminars

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Video Library


Hunger in your own back yard?? 
Check out the KANSAS  Hunger Atlas 2012

Retired Ministers Luncheon

Thanks to all who hosted, volunteered and attended!

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We sell women's accessories like Project Lydia necklaces from Uganda, hand loomed scarves, shoulder bags and more from Burmese Christian refugees in Thailand, and gem jewelry from Myanmar, Northeast India, etc.  We also have locally made jewelry, books by local authors, Indonesian handcrafted furniture, antiques, fair trade chocolate, Jamaican crosses, nativities from a variety of counties and much more. 

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