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Award Teams

Houston 1971

Superior Standard Debate Winners

Superior Interpretive Winners

Coaches for Superior Sweepstakes

Superior Cross Debate Winners 1

Superior Cross Debate Winners 2

Superior Cross Debate Winners 3

Omaha 1973

Superior Traditional Debate Winners

Cross Debate Winners

Beard Award Winners (Year of the goatee)

[featured: Short, Yeager, Nelson, Carl, Norton,

Goodwin, Murphy, Holcomb, Bowman, Veatch]

Philadelphia 1975

Cross Examination Superior Award Winners

Coaches for Superior Sweepstakes Squads

Seattle 1977

Unknown Award Team

Gatlinburg 1981

Charter Awards

[presented by PKD president Roger Hufford]

Covington 1997

Novice CEDA

Junior CEDA

(featured: Philip DuBarry, Laurie Ishak, Kristina Campos, Charles Watts)


(Featured: Sean Tiffee, S. Martin, Ralph Munch, Peter Naderson)

Alumni Competition

(featured: Thomas Bartl, Bruce Brinkman)


(featured: back row: Michael Hoerlein, Denisha Goodman, Justin Bunton, Todd Adkins, Elizabeth Dixon, Shannon Clark  front row: Angela Whitford, Mandy Trammel, Michele Wendell, Ashley Booker, Amy Blanton)

Open Parliamentary Debate

(Featured: back row: Loreley Leonard, Patrick Oldenburgh, Amber Slayton, Scott Hathaway front row: Joshua Compton, Rachael Peachee)

Novice Parliamentary Debate

(Featured: Jon Watts, Chris Smith, Julie Hinkel, David Bailey)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

Award Team (unknown)

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