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Please be aware that only 5% of Ottawa University's Archival Collections are digitized and available on the Ottawa University Archives website.
Ottawa University's Archives Resources that have been digitized and made accessible can be located on the Gangwish Library Archives Pages. 13 Digital Collections are on Artstor Shared Shelf. Please see the link for the Artstor Collections on the Archives Page.
If you have OU archives or collections questions, please send them to our OU Librarians at  library@ottawa.edu


OU Artstor Shared Shelf Project & Pi Kappa Delta/FCHM Display

The Artstor Shared Shelf Project is a 3-year Project through the Council of Independent Colleges sponsored by the Mellon Foundation providing selected Colleges and Universities throughout the United States to build Teaching Collections in Artstor Shared Shelf. Ottawa University's Project has two Collections that will be built over the next two and a half years in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Fish-Greenlee of the Sociology and Social Anthropology Departments and with Ryan Louis of the Chair of Forensics and the Communications Department.

The two collections that can be currently viewed on Artstor Shared Shelf are:

1. Ottawa Native American Collection which will include the John Henry Kilbuck Collection and a Collection of resources for the class SOC 30152: Indigenous Peoples in the Contemporary World

2. The Pi Kappa Delta Collection is a digitized collection of documents and resources related to the History of the Pi Kappa Delta National Honor Society, Alpha Chapter that was established on the campus of Ottawa University at the turn of the 20th century.

Go to Shared Shelf Commons and click on Browse Collections. Find Ottawa University's Collection. There are three Ottawa University Collections to Browse.



Pi Kappa Delta National Honor Society Display at the Franklin County History Museum (2020)






OU Collections of Glass Slides

OU Scrapbook List

The Ottawa University Scrapbooks are stored in the cabinets in the OU Collections Room. The cabinets are padlocked. If you need to view one of the Scrapbooks on the list please contact Gloria Creed-Dikeogu at 785-248-2536.
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Access to the Kansas State Historical Society's Collections.

Ottawa History Links

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Ottawa Campus Newspaper Online

 The Ottawa Campus is from 1869-2011 and Tauy Talk Magazine 1931- 1992 is now Searchable Online:


Do you want to read the newest Ottawa Campus online:
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As of 1/31/2022 We have gone to a new OU Campus Website, please use it for future visits to Ottawa University Campus Newspaper editions starting in 2022.

The Forensic of Pi Kappa Delta 1915-1980

This is an attempt to provide digital access to the earliest articles of the Forensic of Pi Kappa Delta National Honor Society.

Based on serials information from Ebsco, the earliest articles that have been indexed and made available starting in October 1976 to 2001 in Communication & Mass Media Complete. Ottawa University has hard copy editions of this periodical as of 1915.

The Pi Kappa Delta ' The Forensic' is digitally available to users on the Left-hand side of this website until 1980. Additional years will continue to be added as they are digitized.


Archives Classification List

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This is a list of the Archives Box Arrangement by Topic. For help with locating and retrieving archives information, please contact the library front desk or Gloria Creed-Dikeogu at x12536


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The Franklin County Digital Repository is a Collaborative Project started by the Franklin County Historical Society that includes partnerships with Ottawa University Archives and Franklin County Kansas' Libraries and Archives to provide public access to Franklin County historical documents, resources and geneaology in digital format, online.

Are you interested in biographies about Milan Ward, CC Hutchinson, Lulu Brown and other notable Ottawa Universityfaculty and other persons of who were noteworthy in Ottawa history. Go to this link or otherwise, visit the Franklin County Kansas Historical Portal. Go to the brown bar and click on "People". Open the menu and find the Surname Index and click on the biographies of people of interest to you.