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Pg. 1-10 Organization Minutes

The Minutes from the Ottawa University Student Organization the Oratorical Society were transcribed by Coralin Bates.

Pg. 1 (.jpg, 2170K)
Pg. 2 (.jpg, 2165K)
Pg. 3 (.jpg, 2290K)
Pg. 5 (.jpg, 2031K)
Pg. 6 (.jpg, 1740K)
Pg. 7 (.jpg, 2053K)
Pg. 8 (.jpg, 1442K)
Pg. 9 (.jpg, 1609K)
Pg. 10 (.jpg, 1519K)
Pg. 11-23 Organization Minutes
Pg. 11 (.jpg, 1572K)
Pg. 12 (.jpg, 1833K)
Pg. 13 (.jpg, 2044K)
Pg. 14 (.jpg, 1503K)
Pg. 15 (.jpg, 2166K)
Pg. 16 (.jpg, 1632K)
Pg. 17 (.jpg, 1996K)
Pg. 18 (.jpg, 1240K)
Pg. 19 (.jpg, 1963K)
Pg. 20 (.jpg, 1249K)
Pg. 21 (.jpg, 1974K)
Pg. 22 (.jpg, 1649K)
Pg. 23 (.jpg, 2027K)
Pg. 24-33 Organization Minutes
Pg. 24 (.jpg, 1522K)
Pg. 25 (.jpg, 1827K)
Pg. 26 (.jpg, 1447K)
Pg. 27 (.jpg, 1930K)
Pg. 28 (.jpg, 1534K)
Pg. 29 (.jpg, 1934K)
Pg. 30 (.jpg, 1530K)
Pg. 31 (.jpg, 1885K)
Pg. 32 (.jpg, 1910K)
Pg. 33 (.jpg, 1949K)
Pg. 34-50 Organization Minutes
Pg. 34 (.docx, 118K)
Pg. 35 (.jpg, 1500K)
Pg. 36 (.jpg, 1709K)
Pg. 37 (.jpg, 2010K)
Pg. 38 (.jpg, 1471K)
Pg. 39 (.jpg, 1470K)
Pg. 40 (.jpg, 1833K)
Pg. 41 (.jpg, 1952K)
Pg. 42 (.jpg, 1388K)
Pg. 43 (.jpg, 1511K)
Pg. 44 (.jpg, 1541K)
Pg. 45 (.jpg, 1266K)
Pg. 46 (.jpg, 1752K)
Pg. 47 (.jpg, 1493K)
Pg. 48 (.jpg, 1293K)
Pg. 49 (.jpg, 1226K)
Pg. 50 (.jpg, 1578K)
Pg. 51-80 Organization Minutes
Pg. 51 (.jpg, 1419K)
Pg. 52 (.jpg, 1541K)
Pg. 53 (.jpg, 1600K)
Pg. 54 (.jpg, 1992K)
Pg. 55 (.jpg, 1674K)
Pg. 56 (.jpg, 1622K)
Pg. 57 (.jpg, 1963K)
Pg. 58 (.jpg, 1849K)
Pg. 60 (.jpg, 1436K)
Pg. 61 (.jpg, 1613K)
Pg. 62 (.jpg, 1555K)
Pg. 63 (.jpg, 1514K)
Pg. 64 (.jpg, 1506K)
Oratorical Society MInutes Transcription Files
Transcription pg 1-10 (.docx, 62K)
Transcription p. 11-23 (.docx, 124K)
Transcription p. 24-33 (.docx, 114K)
Transcription pg. 34-50 (.docx, 118K)
Transcription pg. 51-80 (.docx, 124K)
Transcription pg. 81-108 (.docx, 119K)
Oratorical Society Minutes 1892-1918
Oratorical Society 1892-1918 title page (.jpg, 2009K)
Oratorical Society Minutes p. 2 (.jpg, 2165K)
Oratorical Society Minutes pg.3 (.jpg, 2290K)
Oratorical Society Minutes p.5 (.jpg, 2031K)
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