Ottawa University Publications, Newsletters and Literary Journals

Ottawa University Newsletters, Literary Journals and Bulletins

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Ongoing Newspapers and Bulletins

Ottawa University Bulletin

Ottawa University Campus

Ottawa University Quarterly Bulletin

Tauy Talk (Alumni News)



Campus Chatter c. 1943

OU Fellows in service c. 1940

Letter to OU Servicemen c. 1942-1945

Ottawa University News c. 1945-1949



Campus Life c. 1950-1969

The Chieftain c. 1950

The Ottawan Magazine c. 1950

Ottawa University Report c. 1952-1959

Summer Suplement c. 1953



Activities 1961

OU Midsummer News c. 1964-1979

The Dove c. 1968 (Literary Journal)

Ottawa Compass c. 1969

Ottawa University Art and Literary Magazine c. 1968-1969

Ottawa University Literary Supplement c. 1963-1966 (Literary Journal)

The University PasQuil c. 1966 (Literary Journal)

Whip-Dozzle c. 1966



Desert Talk c. 1971- 1998

Overview c. 1970-1979

Expressions and Impressions c.1977

Ottawa Update c. 1970-1999



Parents Page c. 1980-1983

Pastors Page c. 1980-1988

The Mighty Pen c. 1999  (Literary Journal)

Summertime c. 1982-1999




Ottawa Kansas City c. 1991

Ottawa University News & Notes c. 1998-1999



Alumni News & Notes c. 2000

55890: Ottawa Literary Journal c. 2007-2008  (Literary Journal)