Oscar J. Armstrong Scrapbook

Oscar Armstrong graduated from Ottawa University in 1933.

1. Letter from Gene Armstrong; 2. Music and verse of the Alma Mater "My Ottawa"; 3. Photo: Ottawa Entrance;

4. Photo: A Campus Scene including the words to the Alma Mater.

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Black and White Photographs of the Class which includes a University of Kansas Theater Program from the Departmento de Espanol y Portugues, Memorial Building, 23 de Abril 1932; Ottawa University Sophomore--Senior Banquet at the Ottawa Country Club, April 1, 1932 with Menu and Program; Ottawa University Charter Day Program, 1932.

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A programme of play Oscar was involved in called "Honor Bright"; Oscar Armstrong's calling card; Black and white photos; Student activity cards

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Black and white photos of a church group; Programs for church services; Program for music week at Ottawa. 

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Program for Adam and Eva play; A letter to Oscar informing him on his scholarship; a Spring Formal invitation; Misc. little invites and information on local stores and university plays/events; Student activity ticket, and assignment and identification card. 

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Certificates of Oscar earning his varsity letters in both track and football; Choir programs for Ottawa University; Oscar grade cards; Ottawa University music invitations.

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Ottawa School newspapers in 1933; Programs for Ottawa University football homecoming games.

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Programs for Ottawa University Track and field meets, and gold and tennis tournaments; Newspaper articles over the track and field meets; Black and white photos of members of the track team; Ottawa University football schedule.

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A program of the Baker and Ottawa University football game; A booklet over the lives of Ottawa football players, heads of the school, and some school history.

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1904 Scrapbook

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1905-1920 Scrapbook

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1907-1916 Scrapbook

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1923-1924 Scrapbook

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