1963 PKD National Convention/Tournament

Student Oration Winners


Excellent Awards

The Image Builders

No Room for Mr. Goldberg


The Painful Art of Listening


20th Century - Age of Confusion?


Too Many Answers; Not Enough Questions


We Who Sit in Judgement on Justice


The American Agate


Hath Not a Jew


Change Without Progress


Brains or Brooms


Lift Off the Shackles


The Pill Seekers


Superior Awards

Escape from Life


The Forgotten Wastelands


The Fallacy of the Excluded Middle




Without Order: Chaos


The Art of Peace


Pyramids, Sphinxes, and Calla Lilies


Psychological Testing in the Public Schools


The Shackled Farmer


On Mousetraps

Freedom From Fear


The Forgotten American

Only the Lonely

The Measure of a Man