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January 2-March 7, 1971 (.pdf, 38374K)
Sermons included: A prayer for all the years; I need you;  In all things; The turning point; Whoever wants to be great.
March 14-April 4, 1971 (.pdf, 33345K)
Sermons included: Faith like a mustard seed; Going all the way; What is that? A new city.
April 11-May 23, 1971 (.pdf, 40481K)
Sermons included: It's all right; Freedom in the spirit; The great question; The calling forth of gifts; I've got a secret.
May 30-June 13, 1971 (.pdf, 31023K)
Sermons included: Not for sale; God's gift is not for sale; The spirit in an emerging church; Our need for a Bethel; tThere is a boy here.
June 27-July 25, 1971 (.pdf, 36189K)
Sermons included: God will take care of youl Come clean with Jesus; His covenant and his caring; Winning the wrong way; Amen! Hallelujah! Who is calling us?
August 1-August 15, 1971 (.pdf, 35819K)
Sermons included: Stewardship of suffering; What happens in your world? The word of life; Here is a test.
August 22-September 1, 1971 (.pdf, 36264K)
Sermons included: A stranger to the father's love; The lotd of all nature; The last hour; They went out: A chosen vessel; We are all god's children.
September 12-October 8, 1971 (.pdf, 36969K)
Sermons included: The destruction of another city; Knowing what love is; To understand and grow together; Not a matter of words; Who inspires you? Samson; The garauntee of his presence.
October 10-November 7, 1971 (.pdf, 42883K)
Sermons included: Whe love nourishes dear; When fear is banished; How can I know: the reality; Approaching God with confidence; A hopeless situation; Can these bones live? The divine yes and the final amen.
November 14-December 26, 1971 (.pdf, 29482K)
Sermons included: Where do we go? When thanks is the last word; The integrity of a man's life; I will adopt you; I am the Lord; Coming home at Christmas.
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Special 1972-1976

Letters and special sermons.

Letters and Sermons 1972-1976 (.pdf, 55400K)
January 2-January 23, 1972 (.pdf, 30406K)

Sermons included: Jesus Christ and the future church, Death of her son, How do we see, Show me the glory, The sakedown and the going out.

January 30-February 27, 1972 (.pdf, 35642K)

Sermons included: The history, Out of the lions mouths, The third alternative, Becoming a congregation, Forgiveness in the congregation.

March 5-April 2, 1972 (.pdf, 41723K)

Sermons included: Deceiving the body, The outpouring of gifts, Our gifts in the congregation, Times of God’s renewing grace: Renewals, The urgency of the congregation’s mission, Then Satan entered into Judas Iscariot, The great fact, I’ve got a secret.

April 9-April 16, 1972 (.pdf, 42033K)

Sermons included: Did you receive the holy spirit, It’s only nine in the morning, The new language.

April 23-April 30 (.pdf, 45062K)

Sermons included: Breaking bread and praising God, The meaning of service, The harvest of the spirit.

May 9-June 4, 1972 (.pdf, 40430K)

Sermons included: The gifts and the body, We’re stuck with each other, The greatest of them all, Does it build up the church?

June 11-July 2 (.pdf, 40415K)

Sermons included: The holy spirit and suffering, When you meet for worship, The church under orders.

Aug 6-Aug 27, 1972 (.pdf, 42917K)

Sermons included: I will do a new thing, As they were going, Our deepest hunger, The hem of his garment.

September 3-September 17,1972 (.pdf, 32246K)

Sermons included: The marriage supper, The marriage of the lamb has come, God has a successor, What he told us to do, Philistines and the Israelites: in the valley of Elah, What gets in our way.

September 24-October 8, 1972 (.pdf, 40791K)

Sermons included: The trouble with the tongue, I make my prayer, The invitation to the Lord’s supper, The gift of boldness.

October 15-November 11, 1972 (.pdf, 33313K)

Sermons included: The miracle of seed faith, Let the banners fly; Dare we expect a miracle.

November 19-December 10, 1972 (.pdf, 39783K)

Sermons included: We all wait, God waits for us, Our mission, Do we have a mission? There are people seeking to live their lifestyle, Straight to Bethlehem.

December 17-December 31, 1972 (.pdf, 22807K)

Sermons included: Angels and astrologers, Jesus in a brown bag.

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January 7-January 21, 1973 (.pdf, 44093K)

Sermons included: Come before winter, The call to repentance and Prayer, The plan and the XXXX, Remember what Christ taught.

January 28-February 4, 1973 (.pdf, 29308K)

Sermons included: Sermons included: Our gratitude for the life of Lydon Johnson, Our forgotten allies, Surprise and acceptance.

February 17-March 18, 1973 (.pdf, 40397K)

Sermons Included: Authority and healing, New wine in fresh skins, Is he a stumbling block? Great love and much forgiveness.

March 25-April 15, 1973 (.pdf, 34517K)

Sermons included: “Then hear” the music, The beginnings, Who is my family, Where is your faith? Tell them everything.

April 22- Mau 20 (.pdf, 57123K)

Sermons included: Words are so unnecessary, Weep no more, The great confession, “Now…about the collection”, The mystery of the family, The sin of murmuring.

May 27-June 17, 1973 (.pdf, 42456K)

Sermons included: The dust of death: times of refreshing, Praise the Lord, Receiving the holy spirit, What does it mean to live in submission.

June 24-July 1, 1973 (.pdf, 52659K)

Sermons included: The overflow, Who is worthy? The sounds of joy and gladness, Anniversary Sunday

July 22-August 20, 1973 (.pdf, 33140K)

Sermons included: God’s kind of surprise, Building itself up in love, The great universal concern of God, He is coming again.

August 19-September2, 1973 (.pdf, 29124K)

Sermons included: Ezekiel in Babylon, Life from the river, God’s year for man, Some thoughts on dying, He took…and blessed.

September 9-September 23, 1973 (.pdf, 25840K)

Sermons include: The art of the Bible, Let the life return, The gift of the holy spirit, New minds for an old age, The life of submission, Who is a Christian?

September 30-November 4, 1973 (.pdf, 28917K)

Sermons include: The long shadow of Joh K Cressen, The meaning of realism, The younger son, What about that faith gap? Grace and gifts, Expect a miracle!

November 18-December 30, 1973 (.pdf, 56143K)

Sermons include: Grace and giving, And now for the strategy,A grain of mustard seed, Throw away the box, Abandonment and hope, Get here before winter.


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January 6-February 3, 1974 (.pdf, 45153K)

Sermons inlude: A letter to introduce himself and his gospel; Hence my eagerness; The congreation of believers; God's way of righting wrong, God has no favorites, Why the gospel, Trough his act of liberation.

February 17-March 1o, 1974 (.pdf, 32176K)

Sermons include: When we were still powerless, Spiritual warfare, Grace full of all proportion; At the disposal of God; Free from the law; Misrable but delighted.

March 17-April 7, 1974 (.pdf, 42997K)

Sermons included: Through his indwelling spirit; Waiting with eager expectation; The deliverance on which it all rests; Who can separate us? The gift of discernment, Jesus and the City; Blind to the truth.

April 14-May 19, 1974 (.pdf, 45421K)

Sermons included: The great confession; Here is my deepest concern; For the sake of my brothers; A living sacrifice; The gifts allotted us by God.

May 26-June 16, 1974 (.pdf, 45605K)

Sermons include: generosity and hospitality; Revival of religious sideshow; Good to defeat evil.

June 23-August 14, 1974 (.pdf, 39434K)

Sermons include: Theological declaration of Korean Christians; Appeal to American Christians and other co-religionists obliged to submit; How critical the moment is; Let the earth hear his voice.

August 11-September 1, 1974 (.pdf, 46999K)

Sermons include: Evangelism: Mission; Great words: Salvation; Salvation and conversion; Salvation: Jesus; The great words of evangelism; Salvation in the teachings of Paul.

September 8-September 22, 1974 (.pdf, 44232K)

Sermons include: Witness; A community of healing; Is the bible our authority?

September 29-October 20, 1974 (.pdf, 40112K)

Sermons include: A ministering community; Praise him: Amern and Hallelujah; What about angels? Storing up treasures.

Oct 27-December 29, 1974 (.pdf, 45109K)

Sermons include: Keep it simple; Drink from it, all of you; The calling; Who is building the church and the glory of the Lord; The humble have been lifted high; Christians and the second coming.

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January 5-January 19, 1975 (.pdf, 40424K)

Sermons include: The divine grace at work; The timely help; The man whose sin is put away; The Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem.

January 5-April 23, 1975 (.pdf, 25378K)

Additional Sermons include: Our spiritual warfare; Order in the Family, One subject to another; Within the light; The power of God; God is a worker; The worship of God; Praise the work of the father; The introduction; Raise the treasure; suffer for the gospel; Great concern: falling away in Asia; The falsity; Dream for Timothy’s faithfulness.

February 2-March 2, 1975 (.pdf, 52535K)

Sermons include: Why hast thou forsaken me? I am making all things new; I am making a new people; A new song.

March 9-April 6, 1975 (.pdf, 62772K)

Sermons include: Making disciples out of Christians; New wine in new skins; His entry into the city; A new commandment; A new hope; Those who wait.

April 13-May 18, 1975 (.pdf, 77800K)

Sermons Include: To share his sufferings; Into all the truth; The cost and joy of obedience; What can happen in a praying church? Why has the spirit been given?

June 1- June 29, 1975 (.pdf, 62615K)

Sermons include: Knowing the will of God; Congregational responsibilities; Good luck or something more? I asked for Bythinia but I get Troas; Not only starting but completing.

July 6-July 13, 1975 (.pdf, 14191K)

Sermons include: Yes and Amen! Encouraging one another to the faith.

September 7-October 5, 1975 (.pdf, 37293K)

Sermons include: Grace and Peace, Waiting for the promise, Gossiping about Jesus; Discerning the body; A healing community

October 26-November 23, 1975 (.pdf, 39985K)

Sermons include: Learning to praise him; Lying to the holy spirit; Our concerns; The church that prays; The miracle of seed faith; Surprising our expectations.

November 30-December 28, 1975 (.pdf, 70515K)

Sermons include: His glory be revealed; The eternal purpose of God; Making a place for us; Our divine vocation; Come before winter.

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January 4-April 8, 1976 (.pdf, 42101K)

Sermons include: The greatest ranger: just an old story; Receive crucial time; The living God is among us; The stones that became.

January 4-February 5, 1976 (.pdf, 89757K)

Sermons include: Defeat: breaking the covenant; The last decision; Sermons on the book of Joshua.

February 29-March 21, 1976 (.pdf, 59024K)

Sermons include: A ministering church; All eyes in his eyes; Look whose coming to the party; No neutral ground.

March 28-April 18, 1976 (.pdf, 58646K)

Sermons include: The mystery of grace; Bread and drink from heaven; Coming to Jerusalem; The stones will shout; Why are you weeping.

April 24- May 16, 1976 (.pdf, 50412K)

Sermons include: The power of the resurrection in our lives; New in the spirit; The condemnation; Conduct directed by the spirit; Children and heirs; Uniting with eager expectation.

June 6-July 4, 1976 (.pdf, 54679K)

Sermons include: With all this in mind; Who is against us?; The power to bless; Blessing the unblessed; What about Esau?; The real identity crisis.

July 11- August 15, 1976 (.pdf, 55524K)

Sermons include: On to Troas; A place for you; I feel the words of God; Can we learn from the wilderness?

August 22-September 12, 1976 (.pdf, 50657K)

Sermons include: When our faith becomes a song; The key to the last room; Life’s unfinished business; It just does make sense.

September 19- October 17, 1976 (.pdf, 66687K)

Sermons include: Paul’s experience in Ephesus; Grace lavished upon us; To God’s people in Ephesus; Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; His hidden purpose made known.

October 24-November 14, 1976 (.pdf, 70849K)

Sermons include: The seal and pledge of the holy spirit; When I mention you in my prayers; Exaltation and Subjection; But God, rich in mercy.

November 28- December 26, 1976 (.pdf, 41958K)

Sermons include: How are we to give; The blueprint, the task and the volunteer; Your former condition: Outsiders; No longer aliens.

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January 2- January 23, 1977 (.pdf, 82564K)

Sermons include: Members of God’s Household; The glory of Christ in the Church; A revelation of his secret; Out of the treasures of his glory; I kneel in prayer.

January 30- February 26, 1977 (.pdf, 59684K)

Sermons include: Live up to your calling; The unity which the spirit gives; Our portion of Christ’s bounty; God’s unique claim on one; The full stature of Christ; No longer children.

March 6-April 3, 1977 (.pdf, 65834K)

Sermons include: Growing up into Christ; Lay aside, put on and be made anew; Do not grieve the holy spirit; When he came in sight of the city.

April 10- April 24, 1977 (.pdf, 64471K)

Sermons include: Hearts on fire; Baptist Church Polity at work in Romania; At home in daylight.

May 1- May 29, 1977 (.pdf, 60713K)

Sermons include: Light and darkness; Let the holy spirit fill you; Be subject to one another; A new order for the family.

June 5-July 10, 1977 (.pdf, 62827K)

Sermons include: Subjection and love in the family; Fathers, children and slaves; Christ, slaves and masters.

July 17- August 7, 1977 (.pdf, 63170K)

Sermons include: Where is your strength? All the armor that God provides; Pray on every occasion in the power of the spirit; The final greeting.

August 21- September 11, 1977 (.pdf, 67398K)

Sermons include: Jesus and his ministry of healing; The healing ministry of the Church; Can these bones live; Repentance: the place where revival starts.

September 25-October 17, 1977 (.pdf, 54794K)

Sermons include: Expectation: the spirit in which revival is born; The power of worship; Praise and worship: revival; Revival: God’s use of what men ignore; A people claimed by God for his own.

October 23-November 13, 1977 (.pdf, 56762K)

Sermons include: Revival: when the laity move out; Obedience: the way of revival; Enlarge the tent: strengthen your stakes; The grace of generosity.

November 27- December 25, 1977 (.pdf, 76443K)

Sermons include: Savior and Emanuel; Here begins the Gospel; The humble have been lifted high; The word became flesh; When the Son of Man comes in his glory.

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January 1-January 22, 1978 (.pdf, 69261K)

Sermons include: What is that in your hand? Member or disciple; Stewards of the grace of God; A living sending church.

January 29- March 5, 1978 (.pdf, 49023K)

Sermons include: He ran to meet him; The gift of hospitality; Forgiving much and loving much; Eating and drinking with Jesus.

March 12- April 2, 1978 (.pdf, 51919K)

Sermons included: He set his face; The curtain was torn; He appeared even to me; Are we going back to our nets.

February 26-April 16, 1978 (.pdf, 72459K)

Sermons included: Andrew: one of the quiet ones; The wounded healer; The call, the gifts, the ministry; Holiness and compassion; The church, the Christian and homosexuality.

May 14-June 11, 1978 (.pdf, 70583K)

Sermons included: Through them has my glory shown; Who is the real witness? You will receive the gift of the holy spirit; The high cost of disobedience.

June 18- July 23, 1978 (.pdf, 65735K)

Sermons included: A low murmuring sound; Coming in all the way; The kingdom of God and the strawberry patch; Our plan…his plan.

July 30-September 3, 1978 (.pdf, 60887K)

Sermons included: Coming home; A name of wonder; Gratitude for the cross; Worship that changes life; Hidden booty in the camp.

September 10- October 1, 1978 (.pdf, 62915K)

Sermons included: Paul: a servant of Jesus Christ; The gospel concerning His son; The gift of apostleship; Eager and not ashamed.

October 8- November 12, 1978 (.pdf, 73229K)

Sermons included: The righteous God; The wrath of God; God gave them up; You have no excuse; Will a man rob God?

November 19-December 31, 1978 (.pdf, 72896K)

Allowed to share; A matter of the heart; Declaring all that God had done; The greatest love story.

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June 25-July 29, 1979 (.pdf, 71629K)

Sermons included: Is there injustice on God's part? The mystery of the stumbling block; Confessing and believing; The world is near you; The beauty of those who preach good news; The infinite patience of God.

January 7-January 28, 1979 (.pdf, 62019K)

Sermons included: All men under the power of sin; Grace and God's righteousness; He grew strong in his faith.

Febraury 5-March 4, 1979 (.pdf, 63314K)

Sermons included: Peace with God; He grew strong in his faith; At the right time; God shows his love for us; Adam and Christ: Are we continuing to sin.

March 11-April 15, 1979 (.pdf, 69429K)

Sermons included: Dead to sin and alive to God; Consider yourselves dead and alive; I do not understand my own actions; Who will believe me? Set free.

April 28-May 20, 1979 (.pdf, 60831K)

Sermons included: Walking according to the spirit; Abba! Father! Only a part; Creation set free.

May 27-June 17, 1979 (.pdf, 56555K)

Sermons included: The spirit and our weakness; The spirit intercedes for us; In everything; Who is against us? Anguish in my heart.

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January 6-February 3, 1980 (.pdf, 71572K)

Sermons include: I am making all things new, No hindrance in the way of a brother, The strong and the weak, The Christly outcome, Teaching on the Lord’s Supper.

February 10-March 9, 1980 (.pdf, 81680K)

Sermons include:The Mark of a Christian, Priorities of the first Christian community, Empowered for service, Growing in love and unity.

March 16-March 30, 1980 (.pdf, 48335K)

Sermons include: Our Lord’s commission, Sharing the good news, Getting our priorities straight.

April 6-April 27, 1980 (.pdf, 59011K)

Sermons included: Jesus and our closed doors, Our sister Phoebe, The kind of friends who risk their necks, More Greetings—Christ in the emperor’s household.

April 27 (.pdf, 7992K)

Sermons include: On Abortion.

May 4-June 15, 1980 (.pdf, 78318K)

Sermons include: And he loves her, Wise enough to crush Satan, Pentecost and my neighbor, To the only wise, God be glory, Amen! The silent holocaust.

June 22-June 29, 1980 (.pdf, 20860K)

Sermons included: The scripture is of such import, The call to jubilee, Five lamps at midnight.

July 27-August 17, 1980 (.pdf, 65060K)

Sermons included: Becoming a converted church, Conformed to Christ, The pilgrimage of conversion, Unbind him and let him go.

August 24-September 14, 1980 (.pdf, 49291K)

Sermons include: The question is if God spoke to me? Turn towards the North, The people are too many, The ministry he gave us.

September 21-October 12, 1980 (.pdf, 57801K)

Sermons include: The key to the last room, In the beginning…the word,The light shines in the darkness.

October 19-November 23, 1980 (.pdf, 64952K)

Sermons included: To bear witness, The word became flesh, We have beheld his glory, First they gave themselves, Crying in the wilderness.

November 30-December 28, 1980 (.pdf, 52613K)

Sermons included: Behold the lamb of God, Come and see, Anything good out of Nazareth?

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January 4, 1981-February 1, 1981 (.pdf, 70258K)

Sermons included: Saving the best ‘til last, Entrusting himself to them, The seeker-Nicodemus, For God so loved, Give me this water.

February 8-March 8, 1981 (.pdf, 58866K)

Sermons included: Springs of water well us; I am he; The woman’s testimony; Because of the woman’s testimony; Go, your son will live; Do you want to be healed.

March 15-April 12, 1981 (.pdf, 82850K)

Sermons included: By whose authority; There is a lad here; Do not be afraid; A hard saying; Will you go anyway?

April 19- May 10, 1981 (.pdf, 70559K)

Sermons included: Not faithless, but believing; Rivers of living water; American Baptist Women’s Sunday; A gift of family life; Our spiritual pilgrimage.

May 17-May 31, 1981 (.pdf, 47763K)

Sermons included: Who will throw the first stone? I am the light of the world; Being truly free.

June 7-June 31, 1981 (.pdf, 52001K)

Sermons included: Before Abraham was, I am; Blindness to the glory of God; I am the good shepherd.

July 19-August 16, 1981 (.pdf, 81610K)

Sermons included: Death to life: Glory to God; Confession and worship; Being of the same mind; What about our first fruits; Being silent with the good news.

September 6-October 18, 1981 (.pdf, 76196K)

Sermons included: Unbind him and let him go; Costly worship and a city’s welcome; Sir, we wish to see Jesus; Death and Glory; Secret believers?

November 1-November 29, 1981 (.pdf, 48750K)

Sermons included: Jesus and the poor; They first gave themselves; He took a towel; A new commandment.

December 6-December 27, 1981 (.pdf, 46827K)

Sermons included: A place for us; His gift to you; Caesar Augustus and a new born son; Not orphans.

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January 3-January 31, 1982 (.pdf, 55211K)

Sermons included: Abiding in him; If you ever need a friend; Sorrow turned to joy; I will send the counselor to you; Ask and you will receive.

February 7-March 7, 1982 (.pdf, 51949K)

Sermons included: The great prayer; A child in the midst; I am praying for you; His Prayer: "That they may all be one"; His identity: "I am he".

March 14-April 4, 1982 (.pdf, 52655K)

Sermons included: His loneliness: "Peter again denied it"; His opposition: "Crucify Him"; His purpose: "It is finished"; His disciple: "But secretly".

April 11-May, 2, 1982 (.pdf, 49664K)

Sermons included: Her Confession: "I have seen the Lord"; Peace be with you; My Lord and my God; A breakfast by the seashore.

May 3-June 6, 1982 (.pdf, 50852K)

Sermons included: Life's final question; The divine roots of the Church; Living altars.

June 13-June 27, 1982 (.pdf, 70042K)

Sermons included: Repairing the altars; Our common life; The call to holy living.

August 8-September 5, 1982 (.pdf, 44883K)

Sermons included: The Bible and the Church; Neither hot nor cold; Who needs the Church? What kind of a Church? The Church and the hosts of wickedness.

September 12-October 10, 1982 (.pdf, 92542K)

Sermons included: He gave them up; Why praise the Lord?; When sin is covered; Becoming like a tree.

October 17-December 19, 1982 (.pdf, 87787K)

Sermons included: What strength in fear; You have searched me and known me; A song in a strange land; Becoming a cheerful giver; Goodness and mercy that follows us; A royal family; Here begins the Gospel; When Quirinius was governor; The Gospel in Messiah.

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January 2-January 30, 1983 (.pdf, 51770K)

Sermons included: Jesus Christ and the Churches; Ephesus:Recovering our first love; Smyrna:The suffering Church; Perganum: The urgency of truth.

February 6-February 27, 1983 (.pdf, 69232K)

Sermons included: The Lord of obedience; Thyatira: A call to holiness; Sardis: a false reputation; Philadelphia: An open door.

March 6-March 27, 1983 (.pdf, 49843K)

Sermons included: Laodicia: Inviting Him in; The throne of God; Who is worthy?; The triumph of God.

April 3-May 28, 1983 (.pdf, 44839K)

Sermons included: A new Heaven and a new Earth; Called to be peacemakers;  He ****  nomad his brother; Why does he eat with us?; The power of a holy woman; Rekindle the gift; No bargain price.

June 5-June 26, 1983 (.pdf, 39013K)

Sermons included: The words of revival: Repentance; The great words of revival: Waiting.

July 3-September 4, 1983 (.pdf, 46840K)

Sermons included: Great words of revival: Obedience; To God be the glory; Corssing the threshold; A living sacrifice; Eat my flesh and drink my blood.

September 18-October 2, 1983 (.pdf, 35762K)

Sermons included: Can we really be lost?; How can I know I'm a Christian?; Can I buy in?

October 16-December 25, 1983 (.pdf, 51686K)

Sermons included: Filled with the spirit; Can we learn to pray?; The word of God in our lives; Getting your house in order; Let us rise up and build; A people prepared; Nothing will be impossible; Magnify the Lord; Be not afraid; Home at Christmas.

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June 10-August 5, 1984 (.pdf, 42367K)

Sermons included: That the World May Believe; Our Father...Hallowed Be Thy Name; Thy Kingdom...Thy Will; Our Daily Bread

August 12 - September 9, 1984 (.pdf, 40949K)

Sermons included: Forgive Us Our Debts; Deliver Us From Evil; Our Final Doxology; We are His Workmanship; How it all Began

September 16 - October 14, 1984 (.pdf, 45461K)

Sermons included: The Human Family: God's Risk; Disobedience: The Great Alienation; Noah: Adventure of Faith; Abraham: Call and Promise; Hagar and Ishmael: The Sin of Impatience

October 28 - November 25, 1984 (.pdf, 62734K)

Sermons included: The Sin of Lingering; The Great Testing; Enriched for Great Generosity; Christ's Call to the City; Wrestling Alone Beyond Jabbok

December 2 - December 30, 1984 (.pdf, 31606K)

Sermons included: The Power of One; Life in a Healed Family; Getting Ready for Christmas; The Baby Grew Up; The Power of Waiting

Janauary 1-February 19, 1984 (.pdf, 41625K)

Sermons included: The Final Triumph; To Die, Gain!; Expectation and Faithfulness; The Sin of Murmuring; The Great Family - Clothed in Grace; A Sacred Journey; The Family: Unity of the Calling; Speaking the Truth in Love

February 26 - April 15, 1984 (.pdf, 37197K)

Sermons included: The Family: Order in the Midst of Disorder; Children, Honor and Obey; The Slavery; The Captivity; The Call; The Humanity; The Deliverance; Who Goes Before Us?

Aprill 22 - June 3, 1984 (.pdf, 38345K)

Sermons included: The Crossing Over; Catching Fish and Tending Sheep; Who is the Paraclete?; The Paraclete: The Great Teacher; The Paraclete: The One who Advocates and Convicts

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January 6-January 27, 1985 (.pdf, 51215K)

Sermons included: Meaning of Prayer, Urgency of Prayer, Resources of our praying, Prayer is a gift of God's grace, Prayer and Life in the family, The raising of Jairus's daughter, How are we to pray?

February 6 - March 10, 1985 (.pdf, 51231K)

Sermons included: Prayer and the World; A New Commandment; Getting Our House in Order; Eating with Bad Characters; Rekindle the Gift of God; The Glory that is to be Revealed

March 25 - May 9, 1985 (.pdf, 36691K)

Sermons included: When Faith Sings; Whom are You Seeking?; Letdown or Renewal?; God's Surprise: The Gift of the Holy Spirit; God Teaching Us Through the Family; Celebrating our Calling

May 26 - July 7, 1985 (.pdf, 44241K)

Sermons included: Why Has the Holy Spirit Come?; The Marks of Jesus; What is Revival?; Do We Want Revival?; Revival and the New Birth; These Strange People Called Baptists

August 18 - October 25, 1985 (.pdf, 43311K)

Sermons included: Grace in Winter; A Child in Our Midst; The Name Above Every Name; Confession and Submission; The Lord of Glory; Lord of the Body; Under Orders; The Day of Good News; The Church Where Did it Start?

October 27 - December 8, 1985 (.pdf, 34789K)

Sermons included: The Church: Who Runs It?; The Church: Who Belongs?; Salvation and Our Money; Anxiety or Thanksgiving?; Christmas: A Time of Trouble or Joy; Christmas; Obedience that Creates the Family

December 15 - December 29, 1985 (.pdf, 30783K)

Sermons included: Christmas: Rachel Weeping for Her Children; What Do You Hear?; The Three Comings

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