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February 7-April 11, 1954 (.pdf, 70796K)

Sermons included: Is the church a live option; Our supreme need, Look at what has happened for worship; Having all things in common; On entering the kingdom; The fellowship of the unashamed; The lost kingdom; The road to Emmaeus; The judgment; They were in expendable;The towl or the sword; She gave her whole living; King for a day

April 11-July 11, 1954 (.pdf, 58633K)

Sermons included: Do Baptists believe in Education? God's covenant with them; On the marriage ring; Christ in the Family; The dignity of work; A boy and a girl-- and God; The cost of being a Baptist; The cult of the comfortable; Evil and our faith.

July 26-September 26, 1954 (.pdf, 52879K)

Sermons included: Our divine calling; Is there no Psalm in Gilead? Christ--The hope of the world; Climbing Jacob's ladder; The pearl of great price; The wo great questions of the Bible; Ministering to a procession; Building up the body; As on having authority.

October 16-December 31, 1954 (.pdf, 102310K)

Sermons included: The hallowed name; The coming kingdom; Our daily bread; Forgive our debts; Deliver us from evil; Christ and my decisions; Holy living and holy dying; Christ and my fears; The church and mental health; Christian faith and the Mormon Church; The world's greatest love letter; Unto us a child is born; Jesus of Nazareth.

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January 9-January 23, 1955 (.pdf, 53696K)

Sermons included: Our faith and the Jehovah Witnesses; Built on a rook; Our faith and the Holiness Sects; The strategy of Salt.

January 30-April 10, 1955 (.pdf, 76361K)

Sermons included: Lord send me; Our fellowship in Christ; Responsible family living; When Christ passes by; Weighed and found wanting; The great shepherd of the sheep; When religion is a fad; Is your life successful or significant? The king who left the city; To be continued.

April 17-June 26, 1955 (.pdf, 76525K)

Sermons included: Going back to our nets; Our spiritual warfare; The dilemma facing christian teaching; Keeper of the springs; The Christian interpretation of dating; The cost of discipleship; For the healing of the nations; Dare we have a mature faith; Should we pray for healing; Does God judge men?

July 3-September 18, 1955 (.pdf, 61002K)

Sermons included: Davy Crockett and the American Dream; The diary of a pilgrim; An audience or an army? First things first; Facing up to one's debts; A life worthy of the calling; A feast for all needy people.

September 25-December 31, 1955 (.pdf, 75058K)

Sermons included: Faith of our children; Frontiers for our faith; The lamb has conquered; Love covers a multiple of sins;The game we all play; Christ speaks to the churches; All God's chullun' ain't got shoes; Get out of the church; They have their reward; Christ is able; God's hand on your shoulder; Leaving all for the sake of the Gospel; The cost of loving a world; A savior has been born; Sorry, no room; New Year's Eve Communion Service.

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January 1-January 14, 1956 (.pdf, 28835K)

Sermons included: What will God do with me? Drinking the cup; Community under the cross.

January 15-February 26, 1956 (.pdf, 46509K)

Sermons included: Cab these bones live? Why are you afraid? Give me oil in my lamp? Dare we make the investment; Our citizenship under Christ; No borrowed creed; Glory in the valley; O believe in God the father.

March 4-Apri 29, 1956 (.pdf, 38024K)

Sermons included: Jesus Christ his only son; I believe in the Holy Spirit; I believe in the Holy Catholic Church; I believe in the forgiveness of sing; Is this April Fools Day? Loaves and Fish; By the power of God; Church & Family--Enemies or Allies.

May 6-July 8, 1956 (.pdf, 36617K)

Sermons included: Walking around a revolution; Growing into maturity; The integrity of our membership; Living by fake pressures; How can a man be saved? I will build my church; Brotherhood--fiction and fact? Can we be free within.

July 22-September 16, 1956 (.pdf, 35095K)

Sermons included: Religion that is practical; Suffering and the Christian hope; Things that cannot be measured; How should a Christian vote? Personal marriage to our congregation; What is our ministry of reconciliation? The gate is narrow.

September 23-November 18, 1956 (.pdf, 36729K)

Sermons included: The winds of God; Surprised by judgment; When religion gets nite overalls; A costly citizenship; Have we outgrown prayer? I will repay you; They first gave themselves to the Lord.

November 25- (.pdf, 39720K)

Sermons included: Well done, good and faithful servant; When God's peace guards the door; And the glory of the Lord; The darkness has not overcome the light; I will not forsake them; Like a root in the dry ground; His name shall be called wonderful; Going home another way.

December 1956- (.pdf, 21011K)

Sermons included: Your money is you; Some comments on chosen peoples.

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January 6-February 17, 1957 (.pdf, 43415K)

Sermons included: Can a congregation know the will of God? The dark night of the soul; Man under orders; A matter of the heart; Not disobedient to the heavenly vision; Christ and our defeats; Our unknown and forgotten allies.

February 24-April 14, 1957 (.pdf, 44482K)

Sermons included: These strange people called Baptists; Our life together; New wine for the wedding feast; Water that never fails; Learning to walk; Branches but no fruit; The coward in our souls.

April 21-July14, 1957 (.pdf, 42018K)

Sermons included: The case of mistaken identity; They that wait upon the lord, Freed my sheep; The kingdom which has no boundaries; Living by false pressures; Can there be a modern pentecost; Be not anxious; Love never faileth.

September 22-October 20, 1957 (.pdf, 48023K)

Sermons included: As if someone had lifted a veil; One thing you still lack; Are we husksters or evangelists; She is forgiven for she loved much; Sometimes it causes me to tremble; The man who wouldn't keep quiet; Our God meets us at every corner.

October 27-December 1, 1957 (.pdf, 52654K)

Sermons included: The dangers of being a protestant; Our needs and God's resources; Life's unfinished tasks; A colony of heaven; The tragedy of rejecting the right invitation.

Undetermined date (.pdf, 265052K)

This file includes articles used to prepare for sermons.

December 22-December 31, 1957 (.pdf, 8520K)

Sermons included: Is it only a lovely story? Christmas Service--Philippians 2: 5-11; New Year's Eve Meditation.

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January 5-February 2, 1958 (.pdf, 32042K)

Sermons included: Praying in a solitary place; I make all things new; The church in your house; This is my prayer; Unless I see, I will not believe; Prescription for anxiety.

February 23-April 6, 1958 (.pdf, 27160K)

Sermons included: Life's ultimate question; The imitation of Christ; Drinking his cup; The joy of obedience; What will he do with me? A community under the cross; Glory in the morning.

April 20-July 6, 1958 (.pdf, 32100K)

Sermons included: The age of the spirit; The peace that passes understanding; Maintain the spirit glow; When the answer stands at the door; The freedom of the spirit; Entrusted with the Gospel.

July 13-July 26, 1958 (.pdf, 119556K)

Sermons included: Satellites and saints.

This file includes articles on the Congo and additional pieces for use in creating sermons.

July 27-September28, 1958 (.pdf, 39846K)

Sermons included: I now bid you take heart; A house divided against itself; Christ and our search for security; The promises of God; When He came to Himself.

October 5-November 16, 1958 (.pdf, 32460K)

Sermons included: The claim of home on all of us; Christian conscience and our world; Can you keep the song; Justification by Faith; You lack one thing; Our understanding of Baptism; Light the dark streets; Invitation to Greatness; The cost of being a Christian.

November 23-December 26, 1958 (.pdf, 26760K)

Sermons included: Jesus and our money; The responsibility of receiving; The Galilean Accent; Now Concerning the offering; The Great Invitation; Be not afraid; I am the first and the last.

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