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54.1960.103 Land of infinite variety (.pdf, 7375K)
54.1960.110 Let justice roll down (.pdf, 36928K)
54.1960.124 The fire of the lord fell (.pdf, 15409K)
54.160.134 Whom shall I send? (.pdf, 30796K)
54.1960.207 A colony of heaven (.pdf, 19501K)
54.1960.214a The keys to all the rooms (.pdf, 9576K)
54.1960.214b Is it a real generation (.pdf, 9059K)
54.1960.221 The winds of God & The romance of the Olympic games (.pdf, 256782K)
54.1960.306 Mrs Palmer's Service (.pdf, 16909K)
54.1960.313 My son your sins are forgiven (.pdf, 10079K)
54.1960.320 Power of faith (.pdf, 10269K)
54.1960.324 A drama in two acts (.pdf, 15467K)
54.1960.403 The drama and tragedy of Jesus' last days (.pdf, 7660K)
54.1960.410 The veil was rent (.pdf, 18349K)
54.1960.414 It was customary for Jews to eat Passover together (.pdf, 2814K)
54.1960.417 Glory in the morning (.pdf, 15758K)
54.1960.424 The gaps in the ranks (.pdf, 12794K)
54.1960.508 Love never fails (.pdf, 8136K)
54.1960.515 Being responsible for my brother (.pdf, 7689K)
54.1960.522 I now bid you take heart (.pdf, 3306K)
54.1960.529 The meaning of christian hope (.pdf, 6081K)
54.1960.612 When is the crunch? (.pdf, 6539K)
54.1960.619 Weighed and found wanting (.pdf, 8782K)
54.1960.626 Our God meets us at every corner (.pdf, 3018K)
54.1960.703 The power of rememberance (.pdf, 6188K)
54.1960.731 The meaning of Galations: Declaration of independence (.pdf, 8633K)
54.1960.807 The little member (.pdf, 5988K)
54.1960.814 The fellowship of the unashamed (.pdf, 7246K)
54.1960.821 The lost word in the modern church (.pdf, 3393K)
54.1960.828 The meditation for the secret place (.pdf, 7000K)
54.1960.904 The key to the last room (.pdf, 20216K)
54.1960.911 Can I believe in God? (.pdf, 8464K)
54.1960.918 What difference does Christ make? (.pdf, 9040K)
54.1960.925 Can we make sense of our suffering (.pdf, 5306K)
54.1960.1929 and 1002 The people of the deliverance (.pdf, 6453K)
54.1960.1009 Keeper of the springs (.pdf, 9509K)
54.1960.1013 Renewal of the pastor's life (.pdf, 5263K)
54.1960.1023 Proving that love is genuine (.pdf, 4806K)
54.1960.1106 A good and faithful servant (.pdf, 6764K)
54.1960.1113 The fellowship of the scars (.pdf, 6332K)
54.1960.1120 The man with gravel (.pdf, 8313K)
54.1960.1127 Thankful for every rememberance (.pdf, 10585K)
54.1960.1204 The agony of our homesickness (.pdf, 26062K)
54.1960.1211 The majesty of the recurring theme (.pdf, 7766K)
54.1960.1218 The God who would be man (.pdf, 6641K)
54.1960.1225 The rich meaning (.pdf, 9125K)
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1961 You can't go back (.pdf, 7481K)
54.1961.101 The power to see you through (.pdf, 5787K)
54.1961.105 Going in to possess the land (.pdf, 11000K)
54.1961.108 Going to possess the land II (.pdf, 11000K)
54.1961.115 Jukebox: the beginnings (.pdf, 27598K)
54.1961.122 The historical situation (.pdf, 14393K)
54.1961.129 Disappointments and open doors (.pdf, 12326K)
54.1961.209 When I come to the Lord's table (.pdf, 4408K)
54.1961.212 The appeal of love (.pdf, 10897K)
54.1961.219 Becoming children of God (.pdf, 9680K)
54.1961.312 The variable of the towel (.pdf, 9463K)
54.1961.319 Blind, but now I see (.pdf, 2599K)
54.1961.305 Saving the best till last (.pdf, 3660K)
54.1961.402 Life's ultimate question (.pdf, 8916K)
54.1961.409 Your hand to the plow (.pdf, 7774K)
54.1961.416 The borrowed creed (.pdf, 12826K)
54.1961.423 Teaching with authority (.pdf, 3728K)
54.1961.430 The promises of God (.pdf, 6716K)
54.1961.504 The cost of communion (.pdf, 4122K)
54.1961.521 Receiving the holy spirit (.pdf, 2093K)
54.1961.528 Maintaining the spiritual glow (.pdf, 3891K)
54.1961.604 Rejecting the right invitations (.pdf, 4168K)
54.1961.702 Behold I send you forth (.pdf, 1847K)
54.1961.709 The christian and the challenge of communism (.pdf, 10195K)
54.1961.723 Men of Israel (.pdf, 10845K)
54.1961.730 The hands of Jesus Christ (.pdf, 11426K)
54.1961.806 When are we free? (.pdf, 3503K)
54.1961.813 Our journey of fear and trembling (.pdf, 4140K)
54.1961.827 The touch of the master's hand (.pdf, 5723K)
54.1961.903 For sinners only (.pdf, 4006K)
54.1961.914 Who belongs to the church? (.pdf, 966K)
54.1961.917 Jesus Christ is Lord (.pdf, 4301K)
54.1961.924 We have his ministry (.pdf, 5866K)
54.1961.1001 The birth of hope (.pdf, 5159K)
54.1961.1008 Christ in the family (.pdf, 7129K)
54.1961.1015 Give me oil in my lamp (.pdf, 7550K)
54.1961.1022 Who is a christian? (.pdf, 4374K)
54.1961.1029 The life of Carey (.pdf, 6992K)
54.1961.1105 It causes me to tremble (.pdf, 5623K)
54.1961.1112 When God laughs (.pdf, 6415K)
54.1961.1126 God both near and far (.pdf, 8376K)
54.1961.1203 The king's family (.pdf, 2500K)
54.1961.1210 Something God has done (.pdf, 4528K)
54.1961.1217 We have seen his star (.pdf, 8445K)
54.1961.1224 The baby grew up (.pdf, 2307K)
54.1961.1231 The temptation that haunts us (.pdf, 10080K)
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54.1962.0106 The power of worship (.pdf, 9005K)
54.1962.0107 The glory of a new start (.pdf, 7394K)
54.1962.114 The broken wall (.pdf, 5232K)
54.1962.0204 Where is the point of kindling? (.pdf, 7550K)
54.1962.0211 Living with the questions that emerses us (.pdf, 6634K)
54.1962.0218 Suffering beyond the boundaries (.pdf, 4259K)
54.1962.0304 He has spoken to us (.pdf, 5327K)
54.1962.0311 Inspired by God (.pdf, 2229K)
54.1962.0318 There is no other (.pdf, 11251K)
54.1962.0325 What is man? (.pdf, 9793K)
54.1962.0408 There is one mediator (.pdf, 7041K)
54.1962.0422 Thanks be to God (.pdf, 7766K)
54.1962.0411 Where are you? (.pdf, 8115K)
54.1962.0415 The new and living way (.pdf, 6662K)
54.1962.0429 Glory in the valley (.pdf, 6134K)
54.1962.0506 When the center is exposed (.pdf, 5934K)
54.1962.0520 The quiet ones (.pdf, 6555K)
54.1962.0603 The new birth (.pdf, 2456K)
54.1962.0610 Signs of hope (.pdf, 4678K)
54.1962.0617 When love gets expensive (.pdf, 8156K)
54.1962.0624 Our God meets us on every corner (.pdf, 7884K)
54.1962.0701 Marching off the map (.pdf, 2395K)
54.1962.0708 Our God meets us on every corner (.pdf, 11299K)
54.1962.0715 The meaning of obedience (.pdf, 4006K)
54.1962.722 The urgency of the witness (.pdf, 4527K)
54.1962.0822 Lose and found (.pdf, 7428K)
54.1962.0805 Lose and found (.pdf, 7428K)
54.1962.0909 The myster of his will (.pdf, 9563K)
54.1962.0916 No longer strangers (.pdf, 4929K)
54.1962.0930 Rooted and grounded in love (.pdf, 6732K)
54.1962.1007 A life worthy of the calling (.pdf, 3021K)
54.1962.1014 Maling the nose of time (.pdf, 2762K)
54.1962.1021 The whole armor of God (.pdf, 1848K)
54.1962.1111 Upper room bargain basement (.pdf, 3378K)
54.1962.1118 Will a man rob God? (.pdf, 2299K)
54.1962.1124 The good man in bad company (.pdf, 1796K)
54.1962.1104 The risk of falling (.pdf, 4489K)
54.1962.1202 The mystery of deliverance (.pdf, 3012K)
54.1962.1209 The land from which we are delivered (.pdf, 3333K)
54.1962.1216 The acts of deliverance (.pdf, 2491K)
54.1962.1223 Christmas in crisis (.pdf, 4087K)
54.1962.1230 The graces of our common life (.pdf, 2582K)
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Fredrikson Collection 1963 part 5 (.pdf, 28035K)
Fredrikson Collection 1963 part 6 (.pdf, 34625K)
54.1963.0104 Power of worship and Forgiveness and Healing (.pdf, 8580K)
54.1963.0113 The great omnipotent God reigneth (.pdf, 12011K)
54.1963.0120 The first and the last (.pdf, 6767K)
54.1963.0127 The lord of the church (.pdf, 9865K)
54.1963.0127 Staying in the ministry (.pdf, 2091K)
54.1963.0210 Those with robes washed in blood (.pdf, 1096K)
54.1963.0217 The new jerusalem (.pdf, 11857K)
54.1963.0224 The great invitation (.pdf, 7648K)
54.1963.0303 I have seen God (.pdf, 3486K)
54.1963.0310 My soul thirsts for God (.pdf, 5208K)
54.1963.0324 Arise and go to my father (.pdf, 6823K)
54.1963.0331 For this purpose (.pdf, 6924K)
54.1963.0407 What thou wilt (.pdf, 7726K)
54.1963.0414 More than conquerors (.pdf, 11177K)
54.1963.0421 Going back to the nets and search for meaning (.pdf, 10336K)
54.1963.0428 Poor of generous sowing and True nature of faith (.pdf, 6933K)
54.1963.0505 You proclaim the Lord's death and Lee Bright Night (.pdf, 11363K)
54.1963.0512 Like a might army and Faith saves the family (.pdf, 9709K)
54.1963.0526 We preach Christ (.pdf, 5838K)
54.1963.0602 All together in one place and Walking in the spirit (.pdf, 8856K)
54.1963.0609 I give you what I have (.pdf, 6627K)
54.1963.0616 Prayer that opens the prison doors (.pdf, 5975K)
54.1963.0623 The spirit and open doors and The red cord in the window (.pdf, 7349K)
54.1963.0623 The red cord (.pdf, 4728K)
54.1963.0630 The gospel of the unknown (.pdf, 7501K)
54.1963.0804 Do not be afraid (.pdf, 8503K)
54.1963.0818 Deliverance to captives and God's displacement people (.pdf, 10072K)
54.1963.0901 God's gamble on us (.pdf, 5324K)
54.1963.0908 Call to commitment (.pdf, 9307K)
54.1963.922 The integrity of the membership (.pdf, 7078K)
54.1963.922 Standing in the power and The ministry of the laity (.pdf, 16305K)
54.1963.929 The strategy of penetration and Only God gives the growth (.pdf, 14064K)
54.1963.1003 Glory in the high street (.pdf, 4131K)
54.1963.1013 How deep is the water (.pdf, 7014K)
54.1963.1027 Called to freedom (.pdf, 6785K)
54.1963.1103 The wedding feast of the lamb and Hitting the high notes (.pdf, 7736K)
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January 5-February 2, 1964 (.pdf, 36078K)
Sermons include: Waiting on tiptoe, Pearls and swine, Belief and Unbelief, The story that ends with a comma, Equipping the saints, A religion that sings, If I loved you
February 9-March 22, 1964 (.pdf, 33119K)
Sermons include: New wine in new wineskin; Whither shall I go from thy spirit? What must I do to inherit eternal life> Why could we not drive it out? What did I not die at birth? Why hast thou forsaken me?
March 29, May 17, 1964 (.pdf, 34682K)
Sermons include: Saving the best until last; Why are you weeping? Lighter in a dark place; Larning the secret; The disciple in Damascus.
May 24, June 28, 1964 (.pdf, 35276K)
Sermons include: The life that was; Courage to love; The making of a man; Crossing over to a new country; Getting your kicks; The lowly ways of God; The strange workings of God.
July 12-August 28, 1964 (.pdf, 53753K)
Sermons include: Branded by the owner; The drop one in school; Involvement that brings life; The Grreat meaning of the Gospel; The power of God's minority; Meeing the Test; The Laughter of God; Tribute to Dr. Mixon.
August 30-September 27, 1964 (.pdf, 52008K)
Sermons include: The valley of decision; Climbing Jacob's ladder; The great prayer; Travelers without baggage; Salt not money; Telegram--The loss of Paster Stanley Meade.
October 4-November 15, 1964 (.pdf, 46359K)
Sermons include: Your brother and your gift; The adultery of the heart; The sanctitu of every word; Don't sound trumpets; Pray then like this; For such a time as this.
November 22-December 28, 1964 (.pdf, 45851K)
Statute of Liberty; Security beyond anxiety; The venture of these things; Good things to those who ask; A rose e'er blooming; The house God Builds.
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January 17-February 14, 1965 (.pdf, 42881K)
Sermons include: God's own people; The broken wall; The awesome tribute to Winston Churchill; A time fopr greatness; Lord is it I? Where have all the flowers gone? Jutland
February 21-March 14, 1965 (.pdf, 37482K)
Sermons include: To the least of these; The imitation of life; American Baptiist Assembly Green Lake, WI; After the fall; To everything there is a season; The fall is a terrifying message; Planting and harvesting time; The school of prayer
March 4-April 11, 1965 (.pdf, 39650K)
Sermons include: Tears and laughter; Seeking and losing: Give me oil in my lamp; Terminals or transmitters; Silence and speaking; The signature of love
April 15-May 2, 1965 (.pdf, 40298K)
Sermons include: The triumph of life; Our witness in the spirit; Praying in the spirit
May 9-May 30, 1965 (.pdf, 50630K)
Sermons include: The family in the spirit; The dangers of the spirit; The lonely decision; The harvest of the spirit; Sioux Falls College 82nd Baccalaureate & Commencement; My shadow xxxx fast
June 6-July 4, 1965 (.pdf, 52371K)
Sermons include: The unfinished business of the spirit; The broken ones; Faith tested by one; The goal and the glory; Living alone; Loving the church
Aug 1-Aug 29, 1965 (.pdf, 62541K)
Sermons include: A great vision of God; Ceasing from sin; The mystery of our warfare; The tragedy of broken vows; Tend the flock; The transforming Word National Bible Conference; Into a lonely place; Meeting God in camp
September 5-September 26, 1965 (.pdf, 59012K)
Sermons include: Christ of wind and sea; Invtiation to mission; Release to the captives and The great divide.
October 3-October 31, 1965 (.pdf, 57685K)
Sermons include: The eve of destruction; Healing and brokeness; Despising our birthright; An awesome place; The watchman on the wall and Promises not broken.
Nov 7-Nov 13, 1965 (.pdf, 55271K)
There is only one sermon: Home before dark
November 19-December 24, 1965 (.pdf, 64949K)
Sermons include: A light in the darkness; They first gave themselves; Do you love me? God is not dead and Price tags in the right places.
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January 2- February 6, 1966 (.pdf, 64454K)
Sermons include: Neither hot nor cold; The high cost of holy living; A covering for our nakedness; The hour of judgment; Daring to fill the jars and The invitation to supper.
February 13-March 20, 1966 (.pdf, 66487K)
Sermons: Honesty & Sex; The day of judgement, The passion of the Lord; Services of Installation for Daniel Holland; The disciplines of obedience; and New wind and new wineskins.
April 3-April 24, 1966 (.pdf, 58873K)
Sermons include; A flop at thirty-three; He is not here! Out of the wilderness and The spirit and prayer.
May 1-June 19, 1966 (.pdf, 57464K)
Sermons included: Spirit & Communication; Members of one another; The spirit and a sense of urgency; The spirit and our prejudice; Gifts, Equipment & Ministry and How shall we act?
June 16-August 7, 1966 (.pdf, 59298K)
Sermons include: The last and the first; The song of a new people; Our father's well; Come before winter and Who is a Christian?
August 21-September 11, 1966 (.pdf, 54216K)
Sermons include: Girded with a towel; The knowledge of his presence; Steeple, chime and door and Doing a new thing.
September 18-October 16, 1966 (.pdf, 52483K)
Sermons include: Our knowledge of God; Our knowledge of God: Moses; Our knowledge of God: Jonah; Our knowledge of God: Job.
October 13-November 21, 1966 (.pdf, 54492K)
Sermons include: Our known and forgotten allies; The inner journey and The grace of generosity.
November 20-December 18, 1966 (.pdf, 58971K)
Sermons include: Go on and finish it; You will reap bountifully; The promise of this hour; Half spent was the night and That one disturbing presence.
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January 22-January 29, 1967 (.pdf, 46075K)
Sermons include: Journey into hope; The goodbyes in the states; The power of prayer and The fellowship of his suffering.
February 5-February 26, 1967 (.pdf, 51302K)
Sermons include: Stretching out our hands; The church not made with hands; The urgency of the good news and The healing church.
March 5-March 26, 1967 (.pdf, 43995K)
Sermons include: The prophetic church; He stoops to conquer and The ring of truth.
April 2-April 16, 1967 (.pdf, 46517K)
Sermons include: The deeper level; Sons of God and Life's deepest conversation.
April 10-May 14, 1967 (.pdf, 39238K)
Sermons include: All creation on tiptoe; Help in our weakness and The climax and beginning.
May 28-August 6, 1967 (.pdf, 45402K)
Sermons include: God's lopve compels us; A man for all seasons; An open door amnd Father forgive.
August 13-August 27, 1967 (.pdf, 48278K)
Sermons include: The practice of the absence of God; The church at Guildford; God's unfailing promises and Strength through weakness.
September 10-October 1, 1967 (.pdf, 40799K)
The worst and the best; The peril of trouble-mindedness and Lifted up and brought low.
October 14-October 24, 1967 (.pdf, 57410K)
Sermons include: The kingdom and our snobbishness; Acts of worship; A lifeless faith; Raising God with song and The frightening power of the tongue.
November 5-November 19, 1967 (.pdf, 48786K)
Sermons include: The victory of grace; Learning our family prayers; What is your life? Freedom raised on a broken relationship; Turning again to prayer and The response of our gifts.
November 26-December 10, 1967 (.pdf, 48096K)
Sermons include: Obedience to a great command; Jesus and the lonely; The mission of our church; The presence and a pledge card and His presence and our loneliness.
December 17-December 31, 1967 (.pdf, 52975K)
Sermons include: His presence and our celebration; A rose from slender stem and He shall reign forever.
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January 7-21, 1968, part 1 (.pdf, 55758K)
Sermons included: Getting a new heart; Jesus and the apostles; a new style of living and the Inner and the Outer journey.
January 28- February 18, 1968, part 2 (.pdf, 42000K)
Sermons included are: The second touch, a different kind of love story and Signs of hope.
February 25-March 24, 1968, part 3 (.pdf, 49655K)
The sermons included are: Calling forth our life, Can these bones live? The afterglow of God and the power of empty vessels.
March 31-April 14, 1968, part 4 (.pdf, 54557K)
The sermons included are: Words that will not pass, The mystery of the evil one, Jesus and the city, The birth of hope and Crossing into promised land.
April 21-May 12, 1968, part 5 (.pdf, 55884K)
The sermons included are: A living, growing faith, The wonder of the deliverance and The full tale.
May 19-June 2, 1968, part 6 (.pdf, 44796K)
The sermons included are: Discarding the cosmic powers, Jesus delivered you as Christ and Lord, The hidden life and Putting on new garments.
June 16-July 7, 1968, part 7 (.pdf, 42723K)
The sermons include: Valley of decision, Our unexpected allies and Prayer: a table, a dream.
July 14-Aug 18, 1968, part 8 (.pdf, 33370K)
The sermons include: Hitting the happy zone, A very special love story and Ruffles in the water.
Aug 25-Sept 15, 1968, part 9 (.pdf, 46328K)
The sermons include: The final line of defence, The celebration of a common life, His presence and the new age and I have come to this hour.
Sep 22-Nov 3, 1968, part 10 (.pdf, 60827K)
The sermons included: No other gods, the folly of graven images, The worst blasphemy, The mark of holiness and The deeper issues.
Nov 2-Nov 24, 1968, part 11 (.pdf, 43920K)
The sermons include: Honor in the family, The slow kill, The old baptism of John, The new faithfulness and the Stockholm, Sewden Letter, dated November 18, 1968.
Nov 28-Dec 22, 1968, part 12 (.pdf, 73689K)
The sermons include: Union Thanksgiving Service, Nigeria Biafra Background, The day of opportunity, The door was shut, Surprising joy, Who runs history? And are you thankful for this year, Pastor Johnson.
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January 5-January 19, 1969 (.pdf, 43822K)
Sermons included are: Our responsibility to each other, Tell it like it si and Living under all circumstances.
January 26-February 16, 1969 (.pdf, 42327K)
Sermons include: Possessing new land; Praying in the spirit; The larger calling and Freedom in the spirit.
February 23-March 9, 1969 (.pdf, 50162K)
Sermons include: It it only thunder? Love and forgiveness, Grace in the wilderness, Jesus and our hangups and A terror and a judgement.
March 16-March 30, 1969 (.pdf, 45891K)
Sermons include: I am loved. From reflector to reflector and That disturbing presence.
April 6-April 27, 1969 (.pdf, 62075K)
Sermons include: More than conquerors, The risk of the open way, The power of Christian hospitality and Work out your salvation.
May 4-May 25, 1969 (.pdf, 44367K)
Sermons include: Those full of faith and the holy spirit, Our covenant, All things to call men, The laughter of God, A place for thee to dwell and A drink at Joel's place.
June 8-July 13, 1969 (.pdf, 47097K)
Sermons include: The xxxx mystery, Our loving, A day of good news, Somewhere over the rainbow, The renewal of our covenant and The xxxx and a city of knowing God.
July 20-August 17, 1969 (.pdf, 57104K)
Sermons include:  The great power and humanity of John's Gospel, Fools for Christ's sake, New men for a new age, The word of the spirit, The division of the house and Those who seek a cause.
August 24-October 5, 1969 (.pdf, 37924K)
Sermons include: The mystery of our struggle, The inseparable calling, The cry of hope, Be invited to a party and God's everlasting care.
October 12-November 16, 1969 (.pdf, 40212K)
Sermons include: The confrontation with the demon possessed man, Captured and free, Doors open all xxxx, The struggle to find our ministry and The joy of helping.
November 23-December 28, 1969 (.pdf, 54436K)
Sermons include: Are you ready? Come though long expected Jesus, The high case of healing, Jesus through the eyes of Matthew, Shall we look for another? The Lord is at hand, The story of Luke, We are now xxxx xxxx and The appearing of glory.
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January 4-January 25, 1970, (.pdf, 39012K)
Sermons include: Don't be afraid; The church for losers and Have you been to the well?
February 1-March 1, 1970 (.pdf, 53092K)
Sermons include: The work of the spirit, I've gotta be me: Grace: when it all begins! ;  Atonement: the blood on the road and Reconciliation: bridge over troubled water.
March 8-April 5, 1970 (.pdf, 66023K)
Sermons include: Deliverance: from the fleshpots into the wilderness; Coincidences that are mini appointments; Silence: Has God gone away? Joy: He always sneaks up on us; A new thing; The 1970 National clergy conference.
April 12-May 10, 1970 (.pdf, 42222K)
Sermons include: Blessing the unblest; Praying in on the team; The mystery of human sexuality; Can I buy in? A place for you; The power of god on a place.
May 24-June 14, 1970 (.pdf, 37847K)
Sermons include: God speaks: listen and respond; The forth man; A portion of my spirit; The word is hope; God with us and The word we cannot avoid.
June 28-July 12, 1970 (.pdf, 41408K)
Sermons include: Standing on tiptoe; The touch; Weighed and found wanting; The great words of our life; Learning in the desert and Prayer and trouble.
July 19-August 16, 1970 (.pdf, 35029K)
Sermons include: Circumstances and sealed orders; Enough and to spare; The disclosure of love; Obedience and wish; The real gap.
August 23-November 1, 1970 (.pdf, 40187K)
Sermons include: Bringing the new testament along; The Lord will provide; His spirit on all flesh; Seek first his.
November 15-November 29, 1970 (.pdf, 32321K)
Sermons includes: Comfort in our troubles; Dare we ask him? I will never leave you?
December 6-December 24, 1970 (.pdf, 43591K)
Sermons include: What's in a name? ; And every tongue confess; Boundless: the sheep around here; Get there before winter.
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