Sermons include: Neither hot nor cold; The high cost of holy living; A covering for our nakedness; The hour of judgment; Daring to fill the jars and The invitation to supper.
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Sermons: Honesty & Sex; The day of judgement, The passion of the Lord; Services of Installation for Daniel Holland; The disciplines of obedience; and New wind and new wineskins.
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Sermons include; A flop at thirty-three; He is not here! Out of the wilderness and The spirit and prayer.
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Sermons included: Spirit & Communication; Members of one another; The spirit and a sense of urgency; The spirit and our prejudice; Gifts, Equipment & Ministry and How shall we act?
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Sermons include: The last and the first; The song of a new people; Our father's well; Come before winter and Who is a Christian?
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Sermons include: Girded with a towel; The knowledge of his presence; Steeple, chime and door and Doing a new thing.
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Sermons include: Our knowledge of God; Our knowledge of God: Moses; Our knowledge of God: Jonah; Our knowledge of God: Job.
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Sermons include: Our known and forgotten allies; The inner journey and The grace of generosity.
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Sermons include: Go on and finish it; You will reap bountifully; The promise of this hour; Half spent was the night and That one disturbing presence.
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