Sermons included are: Our responsibility to each other, Tell it like it si and Living under all circumstances.
(.pdf, 43822K)
Sermons include: Possessing new land; Praying in the spirit; The larger calling and Freedom in the spirit.
(.pdf, 42327K)
Sermons include: It it only thunder? Love and forgiveness, Grace in the wilderness, Jesus and our hangups and A terror and a judgement.
(.pdf, 50162K)
Sermons include: I am loved. From reflector to reflector and That disturbing presence.
(.pdf, 45891K)
Sermons include: More than conquerors, The risk of the open way, The power of Christian hospitality and Work out your salvation.
(.pdf, 62075K)
Sermons include: Those full of faith and the holy spirit, Our covenant, All things to call men, The laughter of God, A place for thee to dwell and A drink at Joel's place.
(.pdf, 44367K)


Sermons include: The xxxx mystery, Our loving, A day of good news, Somewhere over the rainbow, The renewal of our covenant and The xxxx and a city of knowing God.
(.pdf, 47097K)
Sermons include:  The great power and humanity of John's Gospel, Fools for Christ's sake, New men for a new age, The word of the spirit, The division of the house and Those who seek a cause.
(.pdf, 57104K)
Sermons include: The mystery of our struggle, The inseparable calling, The cry of hope, Be invited to a party and God's everlasting care.
(.pdf, 37924K)
Sermons include: The confrontation with the demon possessed man, Captured and free, Doors open all xxxx, The struggle to find our ministry and The joy of helping.
(.pdf, 40212K)
Sermons include: Are you ready? Come though long expected Jesus, The high case of healing, Jesus through the eyes of Matthew, Shall we look for another? The Lord is at hand, The story of Luke, We are now xxxx xxxx and The appearing of glory.
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