Sermons included: Walking with God; Crippled at the brook; Restored to the fellowship and Hannah; She continued praying.

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Sermons included: David danced before the Lord; The last prayer; What kind of soil? The final chasm after the Pharisees had scoffed; One lost sheep; The cost of the kingdom; The tragic rebellion.


(.pdf, 127445K)

Sermons included: Victory and Steadfastness; Can we trust anyone with our anxiety? God's word to his people; The spirit and the Bible; Hearing the word and obeying.

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Sermons included:  "I have called you by name"; Only a mother-in-law; Waiting, receiving and ministering; The diamond special; Darkness & Joy in suffering; The father who failed.

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Includes: Gratitude to the FCA and the program of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1986; "Run to finish".

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Sermons included: Making every though captive; Celebration of hope; David: The chosen one; David: Praise the Lord; David: a man after God's heart.

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Sermons included: The new road; Our inescapable identity; Lord over the law; A seriousness owns these teachings: Obedience; The sanctity of marriage.

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Sermons included: "Let it be yes or no"; Love beyond the ordinary; Not like hypocrites; Prayer and forgiveness.

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Sermons included: Mastery and anxiety; Who has the last word? Prayer; Persistence and surrender; Part time or full time lover? The narrow pass; The enormous exception; How long will it stand?

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Sermon included: Grateful to be here.


This file includes assorted Church letters and articles.

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