Many letters, bills and circulars can be found in each month of 1988.

Sermons included: All things new; The body of Christ; The one who keeps you; Discerning the body; An interpretation of the Gospel of John.

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Many letters, bills and circulars are included.

Sermons include:  Ordained by nail pierced hands; Ordination Paper & Theological Statement submitted to the Roger Williams Association of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region and the First Baptist Church of Wichita, KS.

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Many letters, bills and circulars included.

Sermons include: In the power of the spirit; All the keys; A party at Matthew's.

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Many circulars, bills and letters included.

Sermons include: The spirit and renewal; Matthew's Party; Conversion of our understanding; The holy spirit and renewal.

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Many letters. circulars and bills are included.

Sermons include: To heal the broken-hearted; Ordained by pierced hands; Challenge be to xxxxx; The key in love.

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Many letters, notes and circulars included.

Sermons included: The body of Christ.

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Sermons included: How does a xxxxx become an Evangelism community? Prayer and renewal; The holy spirit and renewal; Personal renewal.

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Many letters and programs.

Sermons included: The Speech of God.

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South Dakota Baptist Convention papers and information.

Sermons included: One in the spirit; Have you joined the choir? Making all things new; The speech of God.

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Sermons included: The call of Matthew; Hindrance to renewal; A second touch; Vision of the Church; Community in Scripture.

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Many letters, circulars and notes are included.

Sermons include: The second tough; Blessing of renewal; A party at Matthew's house and Brother Counselor--Paraclete.

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