Sermons included: Walking with God; Crippled at the brook; Restored to the fellowship and Hannah; She continued praying.

(.pdf, 41779K)

Sermons included: David danced before the Lord; The last prayer; What kind of soil? The final chasm after the Pharisees had scoffed; One lost sheep; The cost of the kingdom; The tragic rebellion.


(.pdf, 127445K)

Sermons included: Victory and Steadfastness; Can we trust anyone with our anxiety? God's word to his people; The spirit and the Bible; Hearing the word and obeying.

(.pdf, 338353K)


Sermons included:  "I have called you by name"; Only a mother-in-law; Waiting, receiving and ministering; The diamond special; Darkness & Joy in suffering; The father who failed.

(.pdf, 42013K)

Includes: Gratitude to the FCA and the program of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1986; "Run to finish".

(.pdf, 34516K)

Sermons included: Making every though captive; Celebration of hope; David: The chosen one; David: Praise the Lord; David: a man after God's heart.

(.pdf, 49980K)

Sermons included: The new road; Our inescapable identity; Lord over the law; A seriousness owns these teachings: Obedience; The sanctity of marriage.

(.pdf, 56091K)

Sermons included: "Let it be yes or no"; Love beyond the ordinary; Not like hypocrites; Prayer and forgiveness.

(.pdf, 60507K)

Sermons included: Mastery and anxiety; Who has the last word? Prayer; Persistence and surrender; Part time or full time lover? The narrow pass; The enormous exception; How long will it stand?

(.pdf, 74054K)


Sermon included: Grateful to be here.


This file includes assorted Church letters and articles.

(.pdf, 44867K)


Many letters, bills and circulars can be found in each month of 1988.

Sermons included: All things new; The body of Christ; The one who keeps you; Discerning the body; An interpretation of the Gospel of John.

(.pdf, 46047K)

Many letters, bills and circulars are included.

Sermons include:  Ordained by nail pierced hands; Ordination Paper & Theological Statement submitted to the Roger Williams Association of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region and the First Baptist Church of Wichita, KS.

(.pdf, 44326K)

Many letters, bills and circulars included.

Sermons include: In the power of the spirit; All the keys; A party at Matthew's.

(.pdf, 57839K)

Many circulars, bills and letters included.

Sermons include: The spirit and renewal; Matthew's Party; Conversion of our understanding; The holy spirit and renewal.

(.pdf, 69133K)


Many letters. circulars and bills are included.

Sermons include: To heal the broken-hearted; Ordained by pierced hands; Challenge be to xxxxx; The key in love.

(.pdf, 52060K)

Many letters, notes and circulars included.

Sermons included: The body of Christ.

(.pdf, 50299K)

Sermons included: How does a xxxxx become an Evangelism community? Prayer and renewal; The holy spirit and renewal; Personal renewal.

(.pdf, 88660K)

Many letters and programs.

Sermons included: The Speech of God.

(.pdf, 64564K)

South Dakota Baptist Convention papers and information.

Sermons included: One in the spirit; Have you joined the choir? Making all things new; The speech of God.

(.pdf, 47585K)

Sermons included: The call of Matthew; Hindrance to renewal; A second touch; Vision of the Church; Community in Scripture.

(.pdf, 107800K)

Many letters, circulars and notes are included.

Sermons include: The second tough; Blessing of renewal; A party at Matthew's house and Brother Counselor--Paraclete.

(.pdf, 58212K)


Title Description File type

Sermons included: The word rejected and received; Identity and witness; The women of the body.


Sermons included: The prospects; The second touch; The holy spirit & renewal; We are in a struggle.


Sermons included: The second touch; The evil one undoes the Lords work; The holy spirit & our renewal.

This file also includes many church letters and circulars.


Repeat sermons, letters, articles and circulars.


Repeat sermons. This file includes many letters, circulars and articles.


Sermons: Jesus in the airport; Jesus flight; Can these bones live?


Sermons included: Turn about; When God opens doors; An inviting people; The second touch; A conversion renewal scripture.


Sermons included: We have a concern for the *******; The second touch.

Letters, circulars and articles are included in this file



Title Description File type

Sermons include: Gratitude for the past.

The file includes lots of letters, articles and circulars.


Sermons: Our retirement; Have you joined the choir?

This file includes many letters, circulars and articles.


Repeat sermons.

This file includes many letters, articles and circulars.


Renewal conference information and articles, circulars and letters.

Repeat sermons.


Sermons included: Agenda for a living church.

Christian Education conference information and church circulars and letters.


This file includes: letters, articles, schedules and circulars.


Repeat sermons and information about the Bible Missionary Conference

This file includes: letters, circulars and articles.


Sermons included: The Lind Center Life; Renewal- Hosea 6; What is renewal.


Repeat Sermons.

This fine includes letters, circulars and articles.


This file includes repeat sermons and letters, circulars and articles.


The sixteen went out

Faith at work

Fredrikson Books