Short Willis E Elliott Biography and a description of his Thinksheets

Short Willis E Elliott Biography

Willis E. Elliott was an ordained United Church of Christ and American Baptist minister, “On Faith” panelist Dr. Willis E. Elliott was a pastor, teacher, lecturer, administrator, consultant (to Newsweek for 38 years), church executive, and the author of six books. His five earned degrees in religion include a PhD, University of Chicago, where he was divinity research librarian. He taught in colleges, seminaries, & universities–including the University of Hawaii, where he taught “The World’s Great Religions” and “Religion and the Meaning of Existence.” At the 1966 Triennium of the National Council of Churches, he was the interlocutor with Billy Graham.



The Willis E Elliott Thinksheets are in-depth study and teaching notes that include references, biblical quotes, articles, poems and cartoons explaining and analyzing a number of religious topics or topics with religious relation. These Thinksheets can be used for further study, preparation for sermons or for teaching Religion classes.

The Thinksheets are organized using an index. The index is organized in alphabetical order using a term index. Terms can then be looked up e.g.  If you looked up the term Sexism, you can go to #505 to find a related Thinksheet which has been cross-referenced.

For further help with finding a Thinksheet topic please contact Gloria Creed-Dikeogu at x12536.


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