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Books, Theses & Dissertations
Introduction to Nazarene (.pdf, 35K)
The Nazarene, Kenmore H. S., 1935 (.pdf, 84409K)
2 Sanctions, University of Chicago 1954 (.pdf, 54617K)

Willis E. Elliott's Dissertation. Copyright Permission received to upload this dissertation and make it publicly available from the University of Chicago and the author.

Flow of Flesh Pamphlet (.pdf, 244K)
Fellowship of Prayer 1963-1969
Introductory Fellowship of Prayer (.pdf, 28K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1963 (.pdf, 33906K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1964 (.pdf, 31478K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1965 (.pdf, 34125K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1966 (.pdf, 33177K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1967 (.pdf, 30678K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1968 (.pdf, 30659K)
The Fellowship of Prayer 1969 (.pdf, 30236K)
Carl & Carrie Gangwish
The Children's Memories of Carl and Carrie Gangwish (.pdf, 28086K)
Transculture (.pdf, 10269K)
Pastor of Community Church
Community Church Constitution and Bylaws (.pdf, 7571K)
Jerusalem in the New Testament
Jerusalem in the New Testament (.pdf, 11766K)
New Jerusalem (.pdf, 1525K)
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June 2007

Copyright Permission for was obtained from Faith Street for Ottawa University to display Willis E Elliott's Washington Post Online Articles for public use.


Rejecting moralism and cynicism, June 25, 2007 (.pdf, 1650K)
July 2007
America-Memory. loyalty, liberty, July 7, 2007 (.docx, 88K)
Is this the right question, July 3, 2007 (.pdf, 457K)
Heritage is sound, July 11, 2007 (.pdf, 1039K)
The pope is wrong, July 23, 2007 (.pdf, 656K)
Can't we all get along, July 30, 2007 (.pdf, 448K)
August 2007
Yes to prayer protesters, August 6, 2007 (.pdf, 869K)
Freedom of medicine and conscience, August 13, 2007 (.pdf, 2033K)
God commanded light, August 21, 2007 (.pdf, 855K)
Don't sweat the small stuff, August 23, 2007 (.pdf, 496K)
Faith + Doubt = Progress, August 31, 2007 (.pdf, 777K)
September 2008
In the beginning God, September 11, 2007 (.pdf, 1715K)
Tipping point to peace, September 13, 2007 (.pdf, 628K)
My response to lepidopteryx, September 15, 2007 (.pdf, 78K)
My response to wiccan, September 15, 2007 (.pdf, 71K)
My response to yoyo, September 15, 2007 (.pdf, 70K)
Freedom to speak courage to witness, September 21, 2007 (.pdf, 716K)
October 2007
Flow of flesh, October 2, 2007 (.pdf, 374K)
Religion messes up, October 2, 2007 (.pdf, 375K)
Vote American, October 4, 2007 (.pdf, 325K)
Living the afterlife, October 14, 2007 (.pdf, 436K)
Ants are not bugs, October 25, 2007 (.pdf, 990K)
November 2007
25 Flabby moral and cut flowers, November 2, 2007 (.docx, 127K)
Final form of love, November 14, 2007 (.pdf, 569K)
Atheist and angel, November 23, 2007 (.pdf, 294K)
December 2007
Irresponsible lust, December 3, 2007 (.pdf, 953K)
Faith turns dreams, December 5, 2007 (.pdf, 923K)
Cacophany of religious, December 12, 2007 (.pdf, 1417K)
Founding religion not established, December 22, 2007 (.pdf, 1461K)
Tell all the children, December 24, 2007 (.pdf, 1616K)
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January 2008
Jewish mind and the American mind, January 16, 2008 (.pdf, 915K)
Generosity shames greed, January 19, 2008 (.pdf, 832K)
Is the constitution under God, January 24, 2008 (.pdf, 289K)
Thanks giving as a meeting, January 27, 2008 (.pdf, 1105K)
Worthy leaders, January 31, 2008 (.pdf, 269K)
February 2008
A living image of a false face, February 7, 2008 (.pdf, 79K)
Hesitance against violence, February 4, 2008 (.pdf, 355K)
Religious mobility and the reverse madrassa, February 8, 2008 (.pdf, 600K)
Two stringed lyre of American politics, February 8, 2008 (.pdf, 2001K)
Obama's three levels of oratory, February 23, 2008 (.pdf, 1033K)
American law and Shariah, February 19, 2008 (.pdf, 884K)
March 2008
Humiliation the flip side of arrogance, March 16, 2008 (.pdf, 203K)
How to hate your parents and country, March 20, 2008 (.pdf, 638K)
How to make men out of boys, March 29, 2008 (.pdf, 356K)
April 2008
King weeping wordmaster, April 6, 2008 (.pdf, 203K)
Islam as a political football, April 8, 2008 (.pdf, 394K)
Pope Benedict's double yes, April 8, 2008 (.pdf, 483K)
Benedict XVI: The shows and the rifts, April 22, 2008 (.pdf, 983K)
No and yes to Benedict, April 24, 2008 (.pdf, 531K)
May 2008
Good news of identifying bad religion, May 16, 2008 (.pdf, 508K)
Hope and hypocracy of the American voter, May 16, 2007 (.pdf, 345K)
Marriage is more sacred, May 22, 2008 (.pdf, 637K)
Greed is the sickness of runaway wanting, May 30, 2008 (.pdf, 373K)
June 2008
Obama's pastor whould have kept our troops out of Iraq, June 8, 2008 (.pdf, 303K)
Faith and health of my whole being, June 17, 2008 (.pdf, 168K)
Hinduism and Christianity wrongly reduced to love, June 23, 2008 (.pdf, 289K)
Books can be formative, June 26, 2008 (.pdf, 216K)
July 2008
Atheists have the will to believe, July 2, 2008 (.pdf, 751K)
Jeremiah Wright: Black preaching in context, July 6, 2008 (.pdf, 741K)
Roman Catholicism Sally was right, July 8, 2008 (.pdf, 426K)
Supernatural is what the paranormal may be, July 18, 2008 (.pdf, 580K)
US military mever has been non-religious, July 25, 2008 (.pdf, 1229K)
August 2008
Religious beliefs reflect on racial prejudice, August 2, 2008 (.pdf, 215K)
Why do low-wage workers have hope, August 11, 2008 (.pdf, 648K)
Candidates are going to the same church, August 15, 2008 (.pdf, 110K)
Single issue politics betrays multi-issue elections, August 19, 2008 (.pdf, 391K)
Doesn't a prurient deserve the truth, August 25, 2008 (.pdf, 309K)
One's worldview should illuminate one's decisions, August 28, 2008 (.pdf, 333K)
September 2008
The mutual superiority of women and men as leaders, September 5, 2008 (.pdf, 313K)
Palin a narrow evangelical president, September 9, 2008 (.pdf, 420K)
The economy between cynical, September 16, 2008 (.pdf, 215K)
Abortion single issue voting is immoral, September 27, 2008 (.pdf, 429K)
October 2008
Palin and Biden do their religious beliefs matter, October 5, 2008 (.pdf, 309K)
Character evaluation and assassination, October 8, 2008 (.pdf, 236K)
The economy and the campaign, October 14, 2008 (.pdf, 425K)
Some religion empowers women, October 24, 2008 (.pdf, 139K)
November 2008
What are McCain and Obama serious(religious about), November 2, 2008 (.pdf, 162K)
Compassion is not central to all religions, November 8, 2008 (.pdf, 555K)
Obama's convergence of hopes, November 11, 2008 (.pdf, 95K)
December 2008
Gay unions yes gay marriage no, December 9. 2008 (.pdf, 266K)
The episcopal crisis, December 19, 2008 (.pdf, 606K)
Obama's choice not ours, December 27, 2008 (.pdf, 197K)
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There is no content in this portlet.

January 2009
2009 Global heating of fundamentalisms old and new, January 2, 2009 (.pdf, 241K)
Hamas is ideologically correct politically incorrect, January 9, 2009 (.pdf, 286K)
Inaugural prayers fit America as civilization, January 19, 2009 (.pdf, 275K)
President Obama's one world includes Muslims, January 30, 2009 (.pdf, 159K)
February 2009
Holocaust deniers as enemies, February 4, 2009 (.pdf, 172K)
Faith-based hiring, February 17, 2009 (.pdf, 291K)
What good are sacred texts? February 18, 2009 (.pdf, 329K)
Wife-beating wife-beheading and the Qu'ran, February 27, 2009 (.pdf, 677K)
March 2009
Stem cell research vs idolatry, March 8, 2009 (.pdf, 432K)
Care for one another but no coddling, March 9, 2009 (.pdf, 316K)
A new declaration of independence in religion, March 23, 2009 (.pdf, 499K)
All cults are religions, March 30, 2009 (.pdf, 490K)
Satan's compulsive evil, March 30, 2009 (.pdf, 351K)
April 2009
New occasions teach new duties, April 6, 2009 (.pdf, 474K)
A christian people created a secular government, April 13, 2009 (.pdf, 225K)
Religion in Power. Bad for the people, worse for religion, April 20, 2009 (.docx, 35K)
Condemn torture, then define it, April 28, 2009 (.docx, 31K)
May 2009
President Obama's subdued religion seems more real, May 4, 2009 (.docx, 27K)
God does not restrict the categories of his call, May 11, 2009 (.docx, 18K)
Obama's witness at Notre Dame, May 18, 2009 (.docx, 21K)
Child-Abuse. Who owns the children, May 23, 2009 (.docx, 22K)
June 2009
Pro-Life terrorism leads to murder, June 1, 2009 (.docx, 29K)
Obama in Cairo. Can common ground become holy ground, June 6, 2009 (.docx, 28K)
Gay marriage, a confrontation of conflicting values, June 10, 2009 (.docx, 41K)
Iran: turmoil is more hopeful than order, June 19, 2009 (.docx, 29K)
The burqa in France. Freedom for whom, June 25, 2009 (.docx, 30K)
July 2009
Lust messes up, love straightens out. Ask Mark Sanford, July 2, 2009 (.docx, 20K)
Is America a particular civilization, July 8, 2009 (.docx, 33K)
Laws should honor the mutual superiority of the sexes, July 20, 2009 (.docx, 32K)
Marriage in society. Church. State, July 27, 2009 (.docx, 41K)
August 2009
Lockerbie: justice, mercy and reputation, August 25, 2009 (.docx, 21K)
Health Care: commodity, necessity or responsibility, August 24, 2009 (.docx, 20K)
September 2009
Religion in Anerican history, but in Public School textbooks, September 1, 2009 (.docx, 30K)
Losing trust in God and government, September 16, 2009 (.docx, 38K)
Society is neither church nor state, September 21, 2009 (.docx, 30K)
October 2009
Karen Armstrong's cheshire cat compassionate God, October 9, 2009 (.docx, 33K)
Hate is no crime, October 19, 2009 (.docx, 28K)
Goodness is no substitute for holiness, October 20, 2009 (.docx, 23K)
November 2009
MIndful living, mindful dying, November 4, 2009 (.docx, 21K)
Moral concerns are common, religious concerns are particular, November 18, 2009 (.docx, 20K)
December 2009
Godless humanism: Please, not again, December 4, 2009 (.docx, 42K)
Islamophobia. Is there nothing to fear but fear itself, December 16, 2009 (.docx, 127K)
Oral Roberts, remembrance and reflections, December 17, 2009 (.docx, 29K)
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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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