Tauy Jones Cemetery and Ottawa University History Collection

This page was made possible because of OU student-faculty-alumni and DAR collaborative efforts. The Daughters of the Revolution (DAR), Ottawa Chapter graciously allowed the library to digitize their Tauy Jones Cemetery Newspaper Cuttings Folder and make it publicly available online.

Note to Researchers: The Collection is not cited and so it is often not possible to determine which newspapers the cutting were made from. More work would need to be done to secure accurate citations for each article in this collection, but work has not yet commenced. This digitization project was done with the aim to increase faculty and student historical knowledge about the Tauy Jones Cemetery and its connection to Ottawa University. This project started with the hope that the Tauy Jones Cemetery would be added to the Kansas Historical Register; but work on this project is still ongoing at this time.

Tauy Jones Cemetery Newspaper Cuttings