Here are two short videos to watch on the topic of metaliteracy.


Metaliteracy: empowering yourself in a connected world


Metaliteracy: translate


Discussion and Reflection

  1. How does this class encourage students to become lifelong learners? Are you a lifelong learner?
  2. How are is metaliteracy included in this class? How can these skills be of use to our students?
  3. Are there metaliteracies that directly relate to the discipline I teach in?
  4. Based on this model is one information literacy class enough to create information literate students at OU?


Lifelong Learning Task

The Morning Ten

You exercise or jog in the morning? If you do, find ten more minutes to set aside in the morning for a as a period for Education. See if you can learn just ONE new thing you didn’t know in the ten minutes you set aside!! You could be dressing and watching the news or the weather, or just glance at a magazine or newspaper. If you find yourself too tired, you might want to wait a short while, but do not put it off until too much later.