Part #3: How does the information literacy class work at Ottawa University?

At Ottawa University Information Literacy is integrated into the Orientation to the Academy and the Writing in the Disciplines courses for freshmen and transfers.

  1. How is information literacy being taught in colleges and universities?
  2. What is the library’s information literacy agenda?
  3. Do other colleges and university teach their faculty about information literacy?


Part #3 Readings

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  1. What formats are used in the class?
  2. What is blended learning? How is it different from a completely online class?
  3. How is the completely online information literacy 8 week course designed?
  4. Are there differences between the face-to-face and the online course?


Part #3 Readings

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  • Go to the Library website on the Ottawa University Portal. Find the Research and Writing Guides. Locate the LAS 12535 that includes examples of the student projects for the BE and Digital Portfolio.


Discussion and Reflection

The LAS 13525 Information Literacy class syllabus is located on the LAS 13525 Libguide Page

  1. What is covered in the Gangwish Library’s Information Literacy Instruction program?
  1. Review the Gangwish Library’s student outcomes in the syllabus.
  1. How does the class work? What topics are explored in the class?
  2. How can the syllabus be improved in your opinion to improve this class?