Part #6: Using the Online Library Databases at the Gangwish Library

  1. What is an online article database?
  2. How do you choose an appropriate online database for your discipline?
  3. What are some searching concepts and techniques that are common to most databases?
  4. How do you find full-text, scholarly, peer-reviewed of articles in the databases?


Part #6 Readings

Biddix,J. P. & Park, H. W. (2011). Convenience or credibility. A study of college student research behaviors. The Internet and Higher Education, 14: 175-182. Retrieved from



  • Go to Ebscohost on the Online Library Databases page on the OU Portal
  • Explore the Ebscohost Databases by choosing a database related to your discipline and choosing a Boolean search that combines two terms with AND e.g. tsetse fly AND lifecycle\
  • Choose your databases by checking the boxes next to them and clicking ‘enter’
  • Enter your search in the search box using Boolean Logic
  • Limit your search results to “full-text” and “peer-reviewed” journals
  • Perform a keyword search (by not choosing anything)
  • Perform a subject search (by choosing Subject from the “select a field” dropdown menu)
  • Click on the help button and under “Searching” find Proximity Searches” and “Wild Card and Truncation Symbols”
  • Choose two full-text articles and checkmark them
  • Open the folder on the blue area in Ebscohost
  • Email your articles to yourself with the style of citations you want to receive



  1. How would you search strings?
  2. Were you happy with the searches you created? What did you find?
  3. Was there anything new you learned about searching the online databases?
  4. Are there other databases outside Ebscohost that provide resources related to your discipline?