Part #10: Faculty roles and information literacy

  1. What is the role of the librarian in your students’ education?
  2. What do you think your role is when interacting with the librarians on your students’ behalf?
  3. How can librarians best assist you with your teaching?
  4. How in your opinion, can librarians best help your students with their studies?


Part #10 Readings

Association of College and Research Libraries. (2015). Philosophical shift: Teach the faculty to teach information literacy. Retrieved from

Fister, B. (2009, March).Fostering information literacy through faculty development. Library Issues, 29(4). Retrieved from



  • Create a library-related subject-specific assignment for the students you are teaching.


Discussion and Reflection

  1. What are your subject-specific concerns when it comes to the teaching of information literacy?
  2. What are we missing when teaching our current course?
  3. How can we improve on our current course?


Information Literacy Video Tutorials

You are invited to watch two of the following videos?

Becoming 21st century teachers

Information literacy in a nutshell

5 Components of Information Literacy

Media Literacy Awareness

Future Learning

Turning Problems into solutions

What is critical thinking?



What are 21st century skills? Why should they be developed in us as teachers and in our students?

What is critical thinking?

How do we prepare our students to become problem-solvers and critical thinkers?