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2020-2021 School Year

Hours of operation when school is in session.


What type of meal plan am I required to have?

Your meal plan options are based on the chart above, and all students are required to have a meal plan. Your selection will be made in the student affairs program "Adirondack: The Housing Director", as instructed by Dylann Finley.  Please see the above chart and notify of changes to your original choice, if applicable, by August 14, 2020. *First-year students in university housing are required to have the All Access meal plan.

What if I meet a disability accommodation?

Students who complete formal disability accommodations through our Counselor & Disability Services Coordinator will be considered for a meal plan exemption. Please email Kelsey Foss at

When students grow ill, a B.R.A.T. diet can be extremely helpful for the recovery process.

B- Bananas

R- Rice

A- Applesauce

T- Toast


If you would like to request a B.R.A.T. diet, please see the University Nurse.

  • Students with Dining Club Memberships- no charge
  • Students without Dining Club Memberships- ask for cost