Student Insurance FAQs

We want to help all students be well-prepared for whatever may come,
so we require all full-time undergraduate students at the
Ottawa, Kansas residential campus to have adequate medical coverage.

How do I get the insurance charge removed from my account?

CLICK HERE and select "Waive School's Insurance" if you have current and adequate health insurance coverage that will work in Ottawa, Kansas. You will follow the directions to answer questions about your plan and then upload proof of your coverage.  Your waiver will instantly be approved or declined. The current waiver period ends January 1, 2021. 

If approved: The insurance charge on your account will be removed within two business days.

If declined: You will be automatically enrolled in the school-sponsored plan. The charge of $1,085 will remain on your account. If you believe there was an error, contact the system administrator, Sarah Sipple, at and provide your student ID number with your request. She will respond within two business days.


What if I have Medicaid or Kaiser Permanente?

We accept Kansas Medicaid plans so, you can choose to waive or enroll in the school-sponsored plan. Due to coverage restrictions, we do not accept other state-based plans or Kaiser Permanente, so you will need to enroll in the school-sponsored plan.


How do I enroll in the school-sponsored plan?

CLICK HERE and select "Enroll Now", then follow the directions. You will receive an email with a prompt to set up an online account. The charge of $1,085 will remain on your account for the SP21 semester and provide you coverage from January 1 through August 8, 2021.  Another waiver/enroll period will open near the end of the summer for FA21 coverage.


Where can I receive FREE basic medical and mental health care?

Visit our Student Health Center!

University Nurse: Ward Science Hall, Suite 105; M-F 10-4; 785-248-2319

University Counselor & Disability Services Coordinator: Ward Science Hall, Suite 105; M-F 9-4; 785-248-2582


I enrolled... now how do I access my insurance card?

Access your account online at LINK TO COME SOON or download the "UHC StudentResources" app, available in the Android or Apple app store! You will need to create an account, and it will prompt you to enter either your student ID or student email address. From this app or website, you can access your account to find your card, request a physical card be mailed to you, find providers, explore benefits, and view claim status and history.


Who can I talk to on campus?

Insurance waive/enroll questions can be directed to Sarah Sipple, in the Administration Building,