Using your Campus Card:

  1. Dining Center
  2. Bookstore
  3. Library
  4. Athletic Games
  5. Vending Machine
  6. Residence Halls (on-campus residents only)
  7. Laundry Room

Loading your Campus Card:

  1. ADM Machine (Pelton Lounge | Gangwish Student Center, 1st Floor)
  2. Accounts Payable (Tauy Jones, 2nd Floor)
  3. Online Portal

How to load funds (as a guardian) on a student’s account, using Online Portal

  • Go to:  Parent Online Portal
  • Select: “Make A Guest Deposit” (toward the bottom of the screen
  • Add student e-mail address  (make sure you ask your student what their e-mail address is, as it could contain special characters)

This will take you to the following screen:


From there, you’ll want to select the deposit amount and continue to the next page. 


Need to Replace your Campus Card?

  1. Lost/Stolen Card = $25.00 (charge may be applied to your student account)
  2. Broken/Damaged Card = $10.00 (must provide damaged card/ charge may be applied to your student account)

Questions regarding your Campus card, please contact OU Help.