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At Ottawa University, we pride ourselves on providing a place where our students want to live. Although students are required to live on campus, about 10% of our students who are eligible to live off campus by meeting age requirements and other criteria, elect to live in our living community. Why? Because the Residence Life staff takes the time to provide a safe, living-learning community focused on cornerstone programming efforts which are congruent to our University mission and vision. Students gain more than just a place to sleep and learn/study; they are provided a place of full of programming, tutoring, socializing, counseling, emotional support, discipline, leadership skills acquisition, and opportunities to grow and develop to be contributing members of society in their own life of significance.

Dylann Finley, MBA
Area Residence Hall Coordinator

Christian Abenes
Residence Life Professional Staff

Student Health Graduate Assistant

Christian Abenes is in his second year as a Graduate Assistant after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Ottawa University. During Christian's undergraduate experience, he was a devoted student-athlete that also participated in several organizations on Ottawa's campus such as student government and Greek life. Entering into his first year of graduate school, Christian is eager to make connections and share his many experiences to help guide the residents on their journey here at OU. Christian is driven in his role in pro staff by the importance of aiding residents in a way that emulates a safe living and learning environment.

Jay Pacha

Residence Life Professional Staff

Student Life Graduate Assistant

Jay Pacha is in his second year as a graduate assistant from Wichita, Kansas. Jay received his Degree in Math Education from Ottawa University. During his time as an Undergraduate Jay took up many different leadership roles. He was a 4 year starter for the OU wrestling team, spending two of those years as a captain. Jay worked for 4 years in the admissions office, as well as 3 years as a resident assistant, and spent some time on student senate. Jay also is the inaugural president of the first ever Greek organization at Ottawa University, Phi Delta Theta. Jay is excited to help give student the same joy he experienced.

Nolan Castle

Residence Life Professional Staff

Campus Experience Graduate Assistant


Chloe Brown

Residence Life Professional Staff

Residence Life Graduate Assistant

Introduction coming soon.

Bella Terrill

Residence Life Professional Staff

Student Health Graduate Assistant

Introduction coming soon.


Residence Life Staff

'21/22 Residence Life Staff to be announced soon!

Please Note:  Housing assignments may be adjusted until the day you arrive to campus. 


Hierarchy of Housing Assignments

  1. Returning Students (based off Housing Selection Number & completed Student Registration form for upcoming semester by due date)
  2. Incoming Students  (based off deposit date)
  3. Returning Students (completed Student Registration form for upcoming semester after due date)

Housing Selection Number Components

  • Age
  • Total Credit Hours Earned
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Paid Housing Deposit
  • Completed Student Registration
  • The higher aggregate numbers pick their housing first.
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OCM Linens Program


The Office of Residence Life has a great service for our new resident students. 
Our Residence Hall Linens Program has EVERYTHING you need to deck out your new room when you get to campus. 
Your order arrives neatly packed and ready for move-in, at low prices and full of value!
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University Endorsed 

 Wanting to Stay in the Halls over Break?

The following situations are accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for staying over a break.

Athletic Obligations with Coach Approval (no charge)

International Students (no charge)

Home is more than 800 miles from campus (no charge)- 
Does Not Apply to Christmas Break, Spring Break & Summer Break


The following situations are typically NOT accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for staying over a break.  
These students will be charged $50 per night to stay in the residence halls.

“I don’t have the desire to go home.”
“I don’t have a car to get home.”
“I have to work in town over the break.”
“There is no room for me at my family’s house.”


Health & Safety Inspections will occur every 3-4 weeks during the academic year.  Dates of inspection will be posted in each of the halls at the beginning of the semester and will also appear on bright signs throughout campus as the inspection dates grow closer.

The Residence Life Staff will look for the following information:  Inspection Sheet


Appeals must be submitted within five business days of failed inspection
Health & Safety Appeal eForm




Residence Hall Council (RHC) is dedicated to enhancing the residential community and the living-learning experience in the residence halls. RHA advocates for residents, provides opportunities to hear and meet residents’ needs, and positively represents Residence Life at Ottawa University. The purpose of the Residence Hall Council shall be:

-To build community through intentional programming efforts in conjunction with the Resident Assistants and Residence Life Professional Staff in their respective hall.

-To act as an advocate on behalf of the hall to improve the living conditions of the living community.

-To support and sponsor programs and events between residence halls and campus organizations.

-Develop leadership, honor diversity, recognize achievement, and promote scholarship, while encouraging involvement among students who reside in the residence halls.

-Through fair representation from each hall and open discussion of issues facing students, the Residence Hall Council acts as the voice of students living in the residence halls to Student Senate and University Administration.

Members of RHC who are elected as the Student Senate representative will be referred to as RHA, or Residence Hall Association. The RHA serves as the voice from the Hall Council to Student Senate, and ultimately University Administration.

For more information, ask Dylann Finley.