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We currently offer the following training opportunities for instructors. Please check back often as we update on a monthly basis. 
All sessions listed below are conducted via webinar and are 30-60 minutes in length.  You'll need an internet connected computer (or device) AND a phone to participate in these sessions. Upon registration, you'll receive an email with instructions for participating.
Click a link below to view that session's schedule and description, and register to attend.  Each session is limited to 25 participants.

9.  SafeAssign and Plagiarism Prevention. (training not scheduled at this time)
You can also view training on our new calendar.
Visit our web site:
Did you know...
You can improve your Microsoft Office skills for free? offers free tutorials and webinars to learn all about the Microsoft Office family of products.
We'll keep you posted as we discover resources for common software applications our instructors use!
Blackboard Video Tutorials
How to Log in to Blackboard and Access a Course (Viewed: 227 times)
This walks through how to locate Blackboard, log in, and access a course.
My Blackboard Profile (Viewed: 175 times)
This feature introduces a completely new, modern user experience that consolidates critical information from all of your courses: Profile, Posts, Updates, My Grades, and People.  (1.5 min video)
Global Navigation Menu (Viewed: 108 times)
Always present in the top right corner, this is the entry point to My Blackboard and tells you how many items are new or need your attention. It also provides one-click access to your courses, settings, and Blackboard Help. (3.5 min video)
Managing My Courses module in Blackboard (Viewed: 180 times)
The My Courses portlet in Blackboard lists the courses (both past and present) taught by an instructor. Instructors can manage this list and remove old courses by following these easy steps.
Tips for Working in Discussions (Viewed: 94 times)

This video shares some helpful hints for working in the discussion forums.

How to Use the Grade Book (Viewed: 178 times)
(.wmv format for Windows Media Player). This training video illustrates core grade book functions such as how the grade book is organized, how to locate and grade assignments, allow additional attempts, grade when multiple attempts are present, and a few tips and tricks. 
Adjusting the Blackboard Display (Viewed: 100 times)

This brief tutorial demonstrates various options for adjusting the display in Blackboard to maximize your view.

Inline Assignment Grading (Viewed: 99 times)
This tutorial demonstrates how instructors use the inline assignment grading to comment on student work without having to leave Blackboard.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

(All documents below are in PDF format and open in a new window.)

How to Access a Student’s Homework Assignment and Return a Grade (Viewed: 198 times)

In this example, you'll learn how to identify when there is an assignment ready for you to grade, how to locate and open the file, and how to enter the grade into the Grade Center.

How to allow a Student an Additional Attempt at Submitting a Homework Assignment (Viewed: 127 times)

Instructors may allow students additional attempts at submitting homework assignments. The proper methodology and protocol are provided here.

How to Grade a Student’s Assignment When Multiple Attempts Are Present (Viewed: 122 times)
Often times when grading, you’ll discover a student has submitted more than once for a particular assignment. This is typically the case when a student submits homework and then discovers he or she forgot to attach their homework file, and then re-submits. Follow these steps to properly grade the student’s submissions in such a way to also ensure the grade book calculates correctly.
How to Batch Download Assignments (Viewed: 209 times)
How To Grade User Participation in a Forum (Viewed: 315 times)
How to Fix a Missing Horizontal Scroll Bar in the Grade Center (Viewed: 170 times)
How to use the Blackboard Calendar (Viewed: 123 times)
How to Post a New Course Announcement (Viewed: 133 times)
How to Send Email to a Student's Advisor from Within Blackboard (Viewed: 259 times)
How to use the Content Editor (Viewed: 94 times)

The Content Editor appears wherever there is an option to type in text, such as the discussions, announcements, and assignment feedback.

How to Send Email to a Student's Advisor from MyOttawa (Viewed: 160 times)
Plagiarism Prevention

(All documents below are in PDF format and open in a new window.)

Plagiarism Prevention with SafeAssign (Viewed: 40 times)
Inline Assignment Grading (Viewed: 137 times)
Inline assignment grading provides a whole new way of grading and providing feedback on assignments from the Grade Center. Editing can now be completed and saved directly in Blackboard via your web browser.
Finding Last Access for Students (Viewed: 100 times)
This documentation lists several methods by which you can determine when a student last logged into a specific course.
Early Warning System (Viewed: 119 times)
View a List of Users (Students) Enrolled in a Course (Viewed: 103 times)
Use one of these options to view a list of students enrolled in your course (only available in fully online classes and ground classes utilizing Blackboard).
Course-to-Course Navigation (Viewed: 87 times)
The new course-to-course navigation feature provides the ability to move between courses without going all the way out to the “My Courses” tab. Students and instructors enrolled in multiple courses, will really like this time-saving feature.
Zoom Participant Guide (Viewed: 79 times)
Zoom is the screen share and video conferencing solution in use at Ottawa University. This participant user guide provides instructions for joining and participating in meetings.
Zoom Leader Guide (Viewed: 88 times)
Zoom is the screen share and video conferencing solution in use at Ottawa University. This leaderguide provides instructions for how to conduct a Zoom meeting.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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