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SUMMER FLYER 2015 (.pdf, 891K)
EDU 56000 KA 9 Essentials Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom (.pdf, 198K)
EDU 50015 KA iPad for iLearners (.pdf, 368K)
EDU 57002 KA Engineering Explorations Part I (.pdf, 87K)
EDU 50017 KA iPad for iTeaching (.pdf, 465K)
EDU 57000 KA Exploring Kansas City Through Technology (.pdf, 206K)
EDU 50018 KA iPad for iCreating (.pdf, 369K)
EDU 52080 KA Integreating Technology to Meet Common Core Standards (.pdf, 370K)
EDU 50000 KA Wild About Science & Writing (.pdf, 397K)
EDU 59643 KA Technology Toolkit: SAMR Model (.pdf, 235K)
EDU 52093 KA Develop Personal Learn Network Social Media (.pdf, 251K)
EDU 57001 KA Exploring Kansas City Through Photography (.pdf, 207K)
EDU 59443 KA Creating a Motivating Environment (.pdf, 322K)
EDU 59481 KA Kansas City's Cultural Resources for Teachers (.pdf, 259K)
EDU 58995 KA Building a Dynamic Learning Environment (.pdf, 418K)
EDU 52010 KA Motivating Yourself and Others (.pdf, 419K)
EDU 53701 KA Classroom Issues Beyond Curriculum (.pdf, 344K)
EDU 59025 KA Motivating the Marginal Student (.pdf, 346K)
EDU 59248 KA Preventing & Dealing with Today's Classroom Behaviors (.pdf, 348K)
EDU 59221 KA Google Tool (.pdf, 175K)
EDU 59308 KA PowerPoint Games for the Teachers Part I (.pdf, 175K)
EDU 55825 KA 21 Favors of the Internet (.pdf, 208K)
EDU 59054 Sports Sciences: Principles of Coaching (.pdf, 349K)
EDU 59032 KW Crime & the Legal Process: A Teacher's Perspective (.pdf, 405K)
EDU 52090 KW Social Media in the Classroom (.pdf, 355K)
EDU 57100 KS Word for Teachers (.pdf, 446K)
EDU 56842 KS PowerPoint for Teachers (.pdf, 499K)
EDU 59403 KS Intermediate Word for Teachers (.pdf, 401K)
EDU 57112 KS Digital Camera for the Classroom (.pdf, 449K)
EDU 66304 KA Classroom Communications (.pdf, 507K)
EDU 59088 KA Responding to Trauma in Schools (.pdf, 520K)
EDU 59061 KA Contemporary Issues in Education (.pdf, 434K)
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