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Reference Bookmarks

Accounting Hide
Accounting Web Resources (Viewed: 263 times)
Finance Accounting Standards Board (Viewed: 204 times)
Finance Journals (Viewed: 220 times)
Tax Resources (Viewed: 241 times)
American Literature Hide
American Literature (Viewed: 243 times)
American Poetry (Viewed: 165 times)
Duotrope's Digest (Viewed: 190 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 82 times) (Viewed: 78 times)
Art Hide
Artcyclopedia (Viewed: 181 times)
Art Libraries (Viewed: 91 times)
Contemporary Art (Viewed: 194 times)
Getty Provenance Search (Viewed: 189 times)
Getty Publications Virtual Library (Viewed: 46 times)
Index of American Design (Viewed: 251 times)
New York Public Library Digital Gallery (Viewed: 177 times)
Perseus Digital Library (Viewed: 81 times)
Web Art Gallery (Viewed: 164 times)
WorldImages (Viewed: 75 times)
Biology Hide
American Museum of Natural History Digital Repository (Viewed: 77 times)
Biology Book Online (Viewed: 177 times)
Biology Online (Viewed: 186 times)
Botany E-Journals (Viewed: 208 times)
Current Biology Resources (Viewed: 200 times)
Human Anatomy Online (Viewed: 164 times)
Macaulay Library: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Viewed: 80 times)
The National Science Digital Library (Viewed: 80 times)
Broadcasting and Journalism Hide
Internet Movie Database (Viewed: 153 times)
Journalism Journals Online (Viewed: 232 times)
Newslink (Viewed: 256 times)
Radio/audio links (Viewed: 191 times)
Business Hide
Business Open Learning Archive (Viewed: 256 times)
Business Resources (Viewed: 442 times)
COE Express Business Portal (Viewed: 174 times)
Global Business Resources (Viewed: 257 times)
How to start a business (Viewed: 222 times)
American FactFinder (Viewed: 93 times)
Career Internship Opportunities Hide
American Mathematical Society Internships (Viewed: 208 times)
Chicago Internships Program (Viewed: 466 times)
Conservation Internship Programs (Viewed: 259 times)
Disney Internship Program (Viewed: 159 times)
Internship Program Search (Viewed: 327 times)
Shell Internships (Viewed: 187 times)
Smithsonian Internship Program (Viewed: 208 times)
Summer Discovery (Viewed: 158 times)
Summer Internship Programs (Viewed: 149 times)
United Nations Internship Program (Viewed: 163 times)
White House Internship Program (Viewed: 154 times)
Career Profiles and Tests Hide
Career Planner Aptitude Test (Viewed: 313 times)
Similar Minds Career Test (Viewed: 395 times)
Criminology Hide
Crime Scene Investigation Resources (Viewed: 476 times)
Criminial Justice Statistics Sourcebook (Viewed: 192 times)
Fingerprinting Resources (Viewed: 233 times)
Handsnet (Viewed: 249 times)
Uniform Crime Reports (Viewed: 145 times)
Economics Hide
Economic Cooperation Organization (Viewed: 243 times)
Economics Indicators (Viewed: 246 times)
Economics Journals Online (Viewed: 300 times)
FDIC Bank Directory (Viewed: 60 times)
Glossary of Political Economy Terms (Viewed: 197 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 75 times)
Yahoo Finance (Viewed: 184 times)
American FactFinder (Viewed: 86 times)
Education Hide
Colleges and Universities by Country (Viewed: 194 times)
Colleges and Universities by State (Viewed: 181 times)
Education Resources (Viewed: 295 times)
Free Educational Resources (Viewed: 300 times)
International Schools (Viewed: 197 times)
Making of America (Viewed: 77 times)
Mathematics Resources (Viewed: 169 times)
National Council of Social Sciences (Viewed: 233 times)
National Science Teachers Association (Viewed: 154 times)
Petersons College and Universities (Viewed: 138 times)
Private Schools List (Viewed: 509 times)
United States Education Department (Viewed: 207 times)
American FactFinder (Viewed: 76 times)
English Literature and Language Hide
Duotrope's Digest (Viewed: 157 times)
English Literature on the Web (Viewed: 244 times)
Fagan's quotations and proverbs (Viewed: 673 times)
Film Literature Index (Viewed: 208 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 72 times)
News Pages Literary Magazines (Viewed: 451 times)
Middle English Texts (Viewed: 192 times)
Modernist Journals Project (Viewed: 77 times)
Modern Language Association (Viewed: 165 times)
National Council of Teachers of English (Viewed: 204 times)
Perspectives in American Literature (Viewed: 191 times)
Representative Poetry Online (Viewed: 97 times)
Romantic Circles (Viewed: 184 times)
Web English Teacher (Viewed: 267 times)
Wright American Literature (Viewed: 188 times)
The Online Medieval and Classical Library (Viewed: 68 times)
Voice of the Shuttle (Viewed: 66 times)
English Second Language Hide
TESOL (Viewed: 284 times)
TESL Links (Viewed: 178 times)
Internet TESL Online (Viewed: 183 times)
French Language and Literature Hide
English-French Dictionary (Viewed: 159 times)
French Grammar Online (Viewed: 156 times)
French Literature of the Middle Ages (Viewed: 302 times)
French Literature Resources (Viewed: 144 times)
Geography Hide
Complete Analyst Package (Viewed: 169 times)
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Viewed: 144 times)
Google Maps (Viewed: 151 times)
Mapquest (Viewed: 141 times)
Perry Castaneda Map Collection Online (Viewed: 141 times)
World Maps (Viewed: 170 times)
World Meteorological Society (Viewed: 157 times)
Gerontology Hide
AARP Resources on Aging (Viewed: 206 times)
Administration on Aging (Viewed: 150 times)
First Gov. for Seniors (Viewed: 151 times)
Health and Medicine Hide
Bioline International (Viewed: 182 times)
Centers for Disease Control (Viewed: 189 times)
Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (Viewed: 396 times)
History Gateway to Kansas (Viewed: 148 times)
History of Health Sciences (Viewed: 222 times)
Medline Plus (Viewed: 417 times)
National Center for Health Statistics: Child Health (Viewed: 550 times)
PLOS Medical Journal Online (Viewed: 217 times)
PubMed Central (Viewed: 252 times)
US Food and Drug Administration (Viewed: 205 times)
History Hide
American Memory (Viewed: 182 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 72 times)
History of Slavery (Viewed: 695 times)
Humanities Online (Viewed: 193 times) (Viewed: 180 times)
In the First Person (Viewed: 86 times)
Journal of American History Online (Viewed: 259 times)
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies (Viewed: 86 times)
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (Viewed: 83 times)
Making of America (Viewed: 86 times)
Medieval Sourcebook (Viewed: 180 times)
Medieval Studies Resources (Viewed: 155 times)
National Archeological Database (Viewed: 71 times)
Perseus Digital Library (Viewed: 156 times)
Slave Narratives (Viewed: 190 times)
WorldImages (Viewed: 71 times)
Human Resource Management Hide
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Viewed: 246 times)
Equal Opportunities Commission (Viewed: 202 times)
HR Guide (Viewed: 321 times)
Human Resources Software (Viewed: 315 times)
Onet Online-Job Descriptions (Viewed: 164 times)
SA Journal of Human Resource Management (Viewed: 476 times)
Society for Human Resource Management (Viewed: 300 times)
Law/Legal Resources Hide
Bureau of Justice Statistics (Viewed: 152 times)
Digital Law Resources (Viewed: 379 times)
Findlaw (Viewed: 183 times)
Internet Law Library (Viewed: 182 times)
LexisOne Community (Viewed: 152 times)
LexisNexis Community resources which includes the ability to search for Legal forms and lawyer information.
US Codes and Court Opinions (Viewed: 340 times)
US Constitution (Viewed: 147 times)
Mathematics Hide
Caltech Mathematics Resources (Viewed: 174 times)
Drexel Mathematics Forum (Viewed: 193 times)
Mathematics virtual library (Viewed: 180 times)
MIT Open Courseware (Viewed: 203 times)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Viewed: 157 times)
Music Hide
American Music Resources (Viewed: 191 times)
Classical Music Research Resources (Viewed: 230 times)
Classical Net (Viewed: 139 times)
Classical USA (Viewed: 188 times)
Medieval Music Database (Viewed: 176 times)
UbuWeb (Electronic Music Resources) (Viewed: 83 times)
Worldwide Internet Music Resources (Viewed: 168 times)
Philosophy Hide
Ethics Updates (Viewed: 67 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 66 times)
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Viewed: 207 times)
Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy (Viewed: 294 times)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Viewed: 210 times)
Physical Education Hide
AAHPERD Resources (Viewed: 157 times)
PECAT (Viewed: 218 times)
PE Central (Viewed: 129 times)
PE Lesson Plans (Viewed: 266 times)
Physical Education Index (Viewed: 168 times)
Physical Science Hide
Physics Central (Viewed: 170 times)
Physics Encyclopedia (Viewed: 172 times)
Physics world (Viewed: 118 times)
Science Learning Network (Viewed: 165 times)
The National Science Digital Library (Viewed: 65 times)
Police Science Hide
Criminal Law Resources (Viewed: 691 times)
DNA Resources (Viewed: 233 times)
Forensic Resources (Viewed: 143 times)
Forensic Science Resources (Viewed: 331 times)
International Law (Viewed: 140 times)
Police List Resources (Viewed: 184 times)
Political Science Hide
Political Science and Sociology Online Magazines (Viewed: 181 times)
World Leaders (Viewed: 161 times)
White House (Viewed: 137 times)
Amnesty International (Viewed: 127 times)
Online Government Resources (Viewed: 147 times)
Library of Congress:Thomas (Viewed: 126 times)
State and Local government on the net (Viewed: 127 times)
Political Resources on the Net (Viewed: 160 times)
Background notes on countries (Viewed: 126 times)
US State Department Major Publications (Viewed: 422 times)
Country Studies (Viewed: 126 times)
US Census (Viewed: 137 times)
Psychology Hide
American Pscyhoanalytical Association (Viewed: 177 times)
American Psychology Association (Viewed: 202 times)
Making of America (Viewed: 64 times)
Neurosychriatric Disease and Treatment (Viewed: 197 times)
Psychology Journals Online (Viewed: 443 times)
Psychology Statistics Tools (Viewed: 250 times)
Psychology Theories (Viewed: 1257 times)
Psychology Web Resources (Viewed: 306 times)
Social Psychology Network (Viewed: 199 times)
Religion Hide
Adherents (Viewed: 137 times)
Beliefnet (Viewed: 140 times)
Biblical Archaeology (Viewed: 210 times)
Biblical Archaeology (Viewed: 235 times)
Bible Translation Center (Viewed: 147 times)
Ethics Updates (Viewed: 52 times)
Religions of the World (Viewed: 780 times)
Gnostic Gospels (Viewed: 821 times)
Making of America (Viewed: 64 times)
Religious Studies Online Journals (Viewed: 498 times)
Sacred Texts (Viewed: 134 times)
Free Theological Journals (Viewed: 294 times)
Spanish Hide
English-Spanish Dictionary (Viewed: 185 times)
Handbook of Latin American Studies (Viewed: 128 times)
Mexican and Latin American Literature (Viewed: 203 times)
Spanish Dictionaries (Viewed: 270 times)
Spanish Grammar (Viewed: 295 times)
Spanish Language and Culture (Viewed: 156 times)
Spanish Newspapers (Viewed: 520 times)
Spanish Online Magazines (Viewed: 221 times)
Speech and Public Speaking Hide
Free Articles on Public Speaking (Viewed: 303 times)
Presentation tips for Public Speaking (Viewed: 340 times)
Speaking Resources (Viewed: 284 times)
Strategies to succeed in presentations (Viewed: 271 times)
Toastmasters (Viewed: 128 times)
Sports Hide
American Football Association (Viewed: 435 times)
International Soccer Association (Viewed: 124 times)
Major League Baseball (Viewed: 125 times)
NBA (Viewed: 127 times)
International Olympic Committee (Viewed: 123 times)
International Sports Organizations (Viewed: 307 times)
Sports Magazines Online (Viewed: 360 times)
Sports Science Exchange (Viewed: 161 times)
Sports Virtual Library (Viewed: 173 times)
Social Anthropology Hide
CSAC's Resources for Anthropologists (Viewed: 168 times)
National Archeological Database (Viewed: 64 times)
Sociology and Anthropology resources (Viewed: 293 times)
Social Work Hide
Child (Viewed: 202 times)
Social Science Resources (Viewed: 178 times)
Social Work Practice (Viewed: 199 times)
Social Work Search (Viewed: 204 times)
Social Work Resources (Viewed: 411 times)
Statistical Resources Hide
2008 Statistical Abstract (Viewed: 137 times)
American FactFinder (Viewed: 59 times)
Bureau of Justice Statistics (Viewed: 78 times)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Viewed: 135 times)
Centers for Disease Control Statistics (Viewed: 171 times)
Childstats (Viewed: 152 times) (Viewed: 146 times)
Economics Statistics Briefing Room (Viewed: 161 times)
Education Statistics (Viewed: 172 times)
FBI Crime Statistics (Viewed: 658 times)
Fedstats (Viewed: 133 times)
International Database (Viewed: 139 times)
President's Economics Report (Viewed: 175 times)
Social Statistics (Viewed: 230 times)
Unesco Archives Portal (Viewed: 137 times)
US Census Bureau (Viewed: 127 times)
Theater and Drama Hide
Actors Resources (Viewed: 129 times)
Literary Theater and Drama Resources (Viewed: 163 times)
National Endowment for the Arts Youtube (Viewed: 203 times)
Professional Acting Resources (Viewed: 270 times)
Stagespecs guide to theater (Viewed: 176 times)
UbuWeb (Viewed: 68 times)
Virtual Theater and Drama Library (Viewed: 138 times)
Women's Studies Hide
Distinguished Women of the Past and Present (Viewed: 143 times)
Women's Studies Links (Viewed: 150 times)
Women's Studies Online (Viewed: 146 times)
Women's Studies Resources (Viewed: 170 times)
World Literature Hide
African Literature (Viewed: 283 times)
African Post-Colonial Literature (Viewed: 185 times)
Australian Literature (Viewed: 292 times)
European Literature (Viewed: 125 times)
Germanic Literature and History (Viewed: 177 times)
HathiTrust Digital Library (Viewed: 53 times)
Mexican and Latin American Literature (Viewed: 240 times)
Perseus Digital Library (Viewed: 51 times)
South Asian Literature (Viewed: 265 times)
UbuWeb (Viewed: 75 times)
Scandanavian Literature (Viewed: 58 times)
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